In Transition Mode

Aug 24, 2009 | 0 comments |
I am a self confessed reader on the net. I can read for hours, browsing through sites and looking for information.

I particularly don't like the fact when one of my favorite blogs or sites dont have content day after day; it kind of breaks the rythm. Finally- I am guilty of this as well.

I'm so aware that I haven't posted in a while and left no explanation in my blog that I am mad at myself.

Anyways the point of all this rambling is "I'm sorry readers'. I should have let you know.

I am in transition mode, changing location in a few days and the pressure of work and numerous paperwork has kept me on my toes.

So, I'll be posting on the blog and when I finally make the move and won't have internet at my disposal- I'll let you know.

PM job site in London

Aug 10, 2009 | | 0 comments |
If you are from London and from the project management fraternity, this might interest you- here's a new job site in the market specifically for project managers.

Improvement- checklist

If you have been working towards your goal for quite sometime now, have you sat back on a weekend and assessed how you have been doing? It is as important to know if you are in the right track as it is to work smart.

•Review your diary/blog and see where you were one year ago goal wise

•How fruitful has the journey been? Have you accomplished your benchmarks?

•Has the projects been in tune to what you want to work in and as?

•Have you taken a PM certification or are you working towards it?

•How many project managers have you spoken to?

•Has your networking grown?

•Do you have the same routine in work that you had a year back?

•Have you been recognized for team work, or leadership or initiative?

•List three things you have done in the last 1 year that has helped you grow and share it with friends.

•List 3 things you have to work on seriously this year.

•Mark your defining moment.

•What keeps your dreams fired up? Write them down and pin it to the wall.

•Where should you be in a year and in what role?

•Keep up the good work and as they say- you will be rewarded!

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