Halloween High

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I should be writing this in my personal journal, instead I choose this. This is a note to myself.

Today is Halloween and while you are busy prepping up for your party and buying candies, am right here trying to finish up more, so I can schedule my time for studies. So I can look into the package that is still lying on the floor- my CAPM study guide package.

We talk about being hard core and having fun- both can't happen at the same time. But thats just me, my opinion. Of course it is very relative- your personal definition of being hard core and having fun.

Its not about being an unsocial person or focusing so much that you just get drowned by it, its being a little more partial to one than the other. I choose the other, to be what I want to be, to do what I have wanted to do.

It's hard and not always fun but this is how I want it to be. I may make it or I may not- at least I will know I gave it my all.

So, have a wonderful Halloween everyone and as a treat you can try out this new site in the PM town.

Change Series 3

What’s keeping you behind? What should your resume be like?

Here's a wonderful article you should keep in mind while writing your resume.

Prioritize what you should add and think of a plan on getting it done. Ask help and most of the project managers I meet through the social media are very helpful.

So, include real stuff in your resume and honesty helps.

Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Decide what job you would like to go for
  • Research some similar profile/resumes online
  • Find out what you need to add to your existing resume
  • Get the experience by self-learning, online courses, getting certifications, internships etc.
  • Find out interview questions that you can expect
  • Read about the company you want to interview for
  • If you know anyone working in the same company or better same profile asks for insights.
  • Learn what the company is looking for and go for it.

The process is simple, so create a task sheet and go for it.

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Change Series 2

Being a project manager is hard, when you are starting out – its means lots of hard work, getting certifications, taking the tough job, volunteering for more without the financial rewards.

I’m not an expert on handling finances, however, I do read Ramit Sethi’s site and I think I like most of it of what he says. So, I’m trying to incorporate some of them in my finances and see how it helps me saving more, so I can spend on the books that I need for the certifications.

Get going and there’s no time for excuses anymore.

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Change Series 1

Watching Chris Brogans overnight success series and it’s a lesson learnt.

We like the brand and the glory that comes with it but most of the time we forget, how hard the work is! So, if you are on your couch and think how cool it is to be Chris Brogan, watch the videos.

Interacting with some of these successful people through my blog and following them on social media, I realize that it’s all hard work. You will be surprised how much of “giving up” is involved in the process. You travel, your work on weekends, you update, read more than average, be innovative to find out ways to keep your readers coming on for more and cut out on the fun and movies most of the time!

Its all work and you can have the fun – working. There’s no shortcut.

I just realized that I’m nowhere near to these people, so amongst all the 3 calls that I took today, I realize that all of them are working today. On a Saturday!

Like you dear newbie; I prefer not working on weekends, but things will change very soon. They already have, while I work on my blog post now and write another for a posting in middle of the week.

Weekends from today will be more work and relaxations happen while working!

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Preaching doesn't help.

If you are not practicing yourself, stop preaching about it.

I have written perhaps umpteen times how getting a mentor helps, it sure does. Everybody needs their priorities to be evaluated once in a while, may be on quarterly basis. So, while I was looking for something more, I asked myself- what do I want to do now?

I write this blog and want to become a project manager but honestly how much progress have I made in the mast 3 months. Not much.

So, given the limited situation not much of the theories I read about I can really put into use. I have been stagnant for a while and it’s not what you want.

So, I sent out a tweet saying that I was looking for a project manager to mentor me. Yep- tweet! I did get some cool replies and I’m so grateful and appreciative of the fact that these project mangers that are awesome and so talented actually tweeted me back. I have told you; get into the social media- its helps!

Very exciting, right. It means lot of work as well. Working with the best in the field means that you will need a lot of preparation and putting in the hours.

So, I’m putting in the pieces together on what I need to get done:

  • Get into a schedule rhythm- it gets me working to my best. Very hard to start and push yourself to get up at 6 in the morning but it will work! I need to study, remember?
  • Mentally prepping myself up that work shouldn't tire me away and I will work very hard. If the mentor after leading such a busy life is agreeing to help me out, shouldn’t I be more than ready to double up my effort and make it worthwhile for them?
  • Got my space set up, to study of course. Same place, same time everyday, helps me concentrate. I decide 2 hours everyday at least!
  • Oh yeah and the blog wont stop, it will be rolling like never before- more information for me means more for you. Details of my sessions perhaps won’t be revealed unless my mentors agree to it. I’m not asking them now, not unless I have got an A in my assignment.
  • I’d love to snooze for 10 more minutes. I’m awake and writing the blog at 6.30 n the morning. Who knew?

So, now that I’m doing it perhaps its time to get over the “tomorrow factor” for you as well. Rise and shine and get something done!

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Update your skills -now!

Time to update your wardrobe bring out your winter clothes and full sleeves, watch new season of greys anatomy and learn new skills.

So, why should blogrolls be left behind? There are new additions now:

Isn't that something?

The business flow-how important is it?

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You are handling projects and it seems too much of confusion and information and you are at loss and feeling naive.

It doesn’t matter what domain you are working in, if you understand the basics you are good to go.

  • Understand the business- why you are doing what you are doing?
  • How will it help the client/stakeholders?
  • Visualize the logic
  • Reading the proposal/ statement of work to start getting into the details
  • See previous templates of project trackers (if available)
  • Ask for help from seniors or just mentors
  • Once you know the business logic behind your project; the rest is really easy.
  • Read as much details as you can and start organizing
  • Create a flow diagram of the work module wise
  • Take input from your team
  • Make sure you track every single details against the requirement
  • If you know your checklist, how can you miss it
  • If you don’t miss it, you have your project on the way

PMI 09 Orlando

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If you would like to follow the ongoing PMI conference and watch some cool videos, click here