The Power of Now

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This post is late.

I didn’t time it out this weekend, because I was busy meeting people.

Monday came with bang- car problems, busy day, too many things in hand and resume updates. Before  I get back to more work and then to PMBOK here’s something wonderful I learnt last night while reading Eckhart Tolle.

I set goals and deadlines, sometimes panic and take on more than I can chew. The book – The Power Of Now talks about simple stuff of looking towards the Now than the tomorrow. Why run behind something and not enjoy the running?

Makes sense.  So, even though I had nightmares about getting the car towed and the problems of getting to work- I gave it a try. I didn't panic. I just took one step at a time.

It sure felt nice and better to be in control and not panic.

The problem as he says- is a frame of mind that we force us to think of. There are no problems in life, only situations that need to be taken care of. If we focus on the NOW, it is all fun.

So, when I ordered my red ipod I engraved -Happiness- is the essence of waking up everyday.

What’s the point of toiling if I am not happy- is it not why I go to work? Or get up every morning?
So, no matter what goals you have for life, it will all work out but the time is now. It will never come back. 

So, enjoy it, take deep breaths and live today, so you don’t have regrets tomorrow.

Next week, spending time in New York with my parents who are visiting. Expect more tweets than blog post!

News in the PM town

Lots of things happening in the PM world these are some updates:
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    PM PDU's Giveaway

    This weekend was special, while I roamed the downtown in Chicago looking at museums (Chicago Art Museum and Science and Industry Museum), I figured that sometimes it’s important to take the initiative to do something that you have wanted to do forever. 

    So, I ate some ice cream and read up some pending print outs stacked on my coffee table finally.
    Here are something’s you can do:

    •If you have been planning to buy a project management book, keep your eyes open and follow some blogs. Most blogs have giveaways these days and you have the chance to get the book at no expense of yours. Try this one here.
    •Want to upgrade yourself, participate in free seminars that happen all year and get some much required information. Some are even mailed to you later, so you can watch is at your pace. Sign up and get upgraded. Try this for more information
    •Don’t have the time to upgrade or network, too busy with family and friends- get a phone that allows you to download these applications like linkedin, twitter etc. You can stay in touch while in the move and chances of getting your ROI are very likely.
    •Sick of hearing everyone telling you to get a mentor, it really helps. I have one, so get yours as well. Try SIPM  and get your mentor in your domain. 
    Need PDU’s and looking for more options; here’s one.  PM- Podcast is giving away 20.5 PDU’s by simply listening to it. More information available here . Email me (steppingintopm at with subject saying- I want the podcast. I will announce the winner on the 10 of next month.

    Have a great Monday!

    Leadership- why should you be listened to?

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    If you were looking for random facts about me Pt1, here it is

    Last week I watched few youtube videos and this post is from one I found from Ramcharan leadership lectures:

    •Develop your viewpoint
    •Don’t sugar coat
    •Nothing energizes anybody more than success
    •Help the person in your team cross the hurdle
    •Willingness to take risk

    Leadership is essential in projects and life; why others should accept your point of view is another.Know what you are doing, do your homework before you speak, use data if possible from your projects, reference's etc, build trust and respect your team.

    There’s another giveaway coming up this Friday, so gear up everybody!

    Want to have fun and learn more from real life Project Managers, check out here.

    Random facts about me- Pt 2

    This is personal, so if you are looking for reviews, PM updates or anything else, you might skip this post.

    I always talk/interact through my blog and yet there are times when I read my post and think how much of it am I really doing?

    I do most of it, except a few:
    •I am not a good networker
    •I don’t go to meet ups, PMI groups or randomly meet people over coffee- though I really really want to
    •I am shy most of the time- I wish I could call up people and say- care to meet me for a blog interview and sushi/coffee/pasta?
    •I have analyzed my behaviors- not sure if it’s a culmination of not liking to driving long miles or fear of getting judged.
    •I dream big, have done it all my life- but I fall short when it comes to implementing it.
    •Sometimes I am not as consistent as I want to be (read trips to gym). It’s a joke now that if I am half as consistent as I am in blogging here, I will achieve any goal.
    •Sometimes I know what I have to do but I won’t do it. I procrastinate (in personal goals). 
    •I don’t envy people usually, however sometimes I feel I had those qualities as they do.

    So, I have set 3 new goals for me during this blogging break:
    •By next year (Dec 31, 2011) I will double my annual income (honestly, I love the idea more than thinking and hard work involved in actually implementing it). 
    •I will start working on my first e-book and schedule it- so I don’t have an excuse to miss it anymore
    •I will call up people and meet even if I feel like a coward (so, if you are someone from Chicago- I would love to meet you, if you are not I can still call/skype you. Here’s my LinkedIn id as well , just incase you want to know a little more about before you meet me and yes please add me)

    Since we are talking all about what I have done in the last 10 days, here’s some more:
    •I changed the name of this blog, it still is called Stepping into Project Management, I removed the “newbies diary” from it and replaced with “the journey continues”. One of the reasons is doing that is I am not a newbie any more but I started out as one and I understand how it is. So, this blog is more about continuing my journey in the world of project management now and sharing it with you.
    •If you haven’t noticed the SIPM has updates too, there’s a new forum to talk, share and brainstorm ideas with the SIPM community. Anyone can read, to comment you have to be registered and you can do it here for free

    Want to have fun and learn more from real life Project Managers, check out here.

    You are more than your job

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    Which translates:  you are not defined and limited by your job responsibilities.

    You are more than what you are chained to do with your job.  You or your personal brand is not a myth any more, your worth is all about what you have to offer. 

    The elevator speech rules have changed, you don’t say anymore what your job position is with a xyz company- you say what you are and who you are (that is not your job description anymore).

    Most people while working decide to start on their own business, some like Steve Pavlina talks about how one should never get a job  because it limits you. It’s very true, because jobs allow us to become complacent and not push ourselves anymore. By the time, we have been in jobs more than 5 years, we have changed, don’t have the fire in us what we had when we started and have come to an agreement with ourselves that we will let others (boss, organizations, future job titles, corner office) run us; than us running our own lives.

    While job has its benefits, don’t let the job title be your only motivation factor, because there is more to you than you know. A job is the stability we have asked for perhaps, but its not the end all.

    Don’t let your dream die just because your job says so. Infact having multiple skills might come in handy someday, so if you like to dance take classes and keep on doing it. Don’t give up because it doesn’t help your career in project management or you can’t do it professionally any more.

    Happiness and inner peace is always an integral factor in life and in finding meaning to life and vocation. Choose to be happy, choose to do what you like to do along with your job description.

    Look out for more, listen more, interact with interesting people, see how people are changing their lives everyday. 

    Don’t be complacent, just because you are a newbie (or whatever your role is) today, doesn’t mean you will be one for the rest of your life. Start getting ready now for the next position you are aiming at. So, when you are ready, you will be more prepared to look around and get that position and tell people that it’s time.

    The highest reward for a man’s toil is not what he gets from it but what he becomes by it- Ruskin.

    Unlike the picture here, I would think get the salary, job title and whatever comes with it but at the same time make sure you are still walking the path of your dream! If you are not, find a way to do it- be creative! Contact great minds or people whom you like to follow through twitter, see what they have to say, find similar groups or go to meet ups.

    The winner of PM-Prepcast is Jeremiah Jessel (will contact you with details).
    For the rest of you thank you for participating and better luck next time!

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