Face it, work it and let it go.

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I would love to live with 100 things.
My goal for this year is still on and I have put behind my anger, discomfort, rage, irritation and bad habits to nourish the goodness in me with the hope that with the riddance of all bad, the energy will be positive which can only help me grow on a personal and professional level.

I have realised that happiness is an essential factor at work, specially if you would like to climb the ladders. No one can put hours at work unless you really enjoy the work and the team you work with. And happiness doesnt knock on your door really, you create the path to make sure it does knock loud and clear!

My personal list is more compact and organized and include simple pleasures like having my morning cup of tea in the balcony or medidating everyday. I try to forgive my past and people who have wronged me than hold on to grudges.

I am working on getting rid off the hindrances that I had created for myself over the years.

"The opposite of fear is confidence. If you don't feel confident, can you name exactly what you are afraid of?"-@LLBrandenburg

Isnt this so true?

The end of January marks the end of the initiation for this new yea;r however its never late to dig up your own fear to face them and move forward.

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Change is good

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Life is always changing, and we all hope its for the good. Today, I am off to my new apartment and will take a while to set it up. So, till then keep yourself busy with some good read and happiness.
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Wake up happy

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Inspiration is an everyday thing and these sites are a great way to wake you up with inspiration, information and a feeling of being connected.

These are greatt stuff to learn from management sites but great stuff to learn from:

Communication- the "it" skill

The success to any business and perhaps career is the underrated art of communication.

Last week while visiting a jewelry shop, the experience was so good that I was amazed at how much I enjoyed spending the 40 minutes there. The rep was well trained and customized behavior towards their customers was marked by their growing business even during recession.

I had similar experience while shopping for a new refrigerator in Best Buy, the rep knowledgeable and personable stole the show.

Every client wants similar experience and we as project managers look forward to make sure our clients are here to stay.

Communication is not about transferring point A to point Z to another person; it’s about being there for your client, making your relation personable and making it an experience for the client.

This is one area where “you” can come alive. Observe mistakes committed by others and study the most successful project managers; most of them if you notice are unusually good at communications. 

Bring in your own style and you to the table and chances are you will emerge a winner.

Emotions- do they need hiding?

How expressive is your face? Can you hide- emotions, feelings, betrayal or sadness?

Does your emotions or display of emotions create problems at your job, your growth or your boss assessment of your maturity factor?

Emotions are natural for humans, so no matter which gender you belong to you have ample of it in you.

Yes emotions are considered negative feelings at work, something that shouldn’t dominate rationality and judgment based on facts.
So if you are standing under the same umbrella of overwhelming emotions, make sure you know what’s happening:

  • Know- Make sure you know you are going through some emotional time. It’s not wise to discuss personal emotional matters at work or with colleagues. You never know who will use what information to get ahead.
  • Measure- If you are feeling too much of emotions make sure you are in the right condition to go to work. While work can keep you busy and make you forget worries sometimes it can break you down as well.
  • Walk the line- The fine line of personal and professional needs maintaining. Don’t divulge or display emotional side of you unless required. It can work against you and can be used as instances where rational and objective decsion making is required.
  • Stop being a cry-baby- Don’t whine, if you have a problem- fix it. You will be applauded for it and noticed instead of whining all the time how you end up getting the problems in your life.
  • Solve it- Figure out what is the cause of the emotion and fix it. Talk with your mentor if its work related and dig deeper to know how you can navigate through it.
To understand more about emotions at work place, read here 

Have you taken the right risk?

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So you are the aspiring PM and you know that everyone talks about taking some risk and you want to tread lightly about risks this year given the economy and yet you don’t know how much risk to take?

At some point or the other we all take risks. It’s risky and how much of it you can take is on you- your finance, your goals, your lifestyle.

So how much you can afford to take is something you have to decide before you go out for it.

  • Consult- Make sure you talk it out with your mentor or senior friends who have been in the same place. Listen to everyone’s opinion before taking your decision. No one knows how it to be in your shoes perhaps, so the decision is all yours. Speaking with others give you alternative views that you might not have considered.
  • SWOT- strength, weakness, opportunities, threats is something you should think about. Once the risk has been taken, there are rarely chances of reverting back.
  • Complications- Be prepared that the risk can evolve into complicated situations. Make sure you are ready to take on whatever is thrown at you.
  • Profit- Analyze the benefit of taking the risk, how much is it worth- financially or emotionally. What will you get out of it? Is it worth all the things you will have to give up?
  • Happiness- This will always be important because at the end of the day you can do so much if it makes you happy. If the risk is all stress and no gain, it might not be a beneficial risk. Best risk takers analyze it all well before going for it.
  • Don’t regret- if you have considered it all and taken the risk and then realize its not working out, don’t panic or get depressed. Be calm, think positively and find the best way out of the situation. Sometimes the best decisions or thoughts come in moments of stress or helplessness because you have nothing at stake.
  • Remember your goal- Remember why you took the risk, what was it all for. If you know what you want, you will come up with a solution that will still lead you to your goal perhaps in a different way.

You are a Project Manager, you should be able to analyze risk, mitigate them and still happily deliver your project on time, schedule and budget. If you can do this evryday in your professional life, why not do it in personal as well. Its just another project with another name!

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Women- this new year

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This New Year came in like a gush of strong winds from nowhere.

I’ve been travelling in India for weddings etc and if you haven’t noticed I am trying to re-arrange my life and focus on things I like to do than those that I have to do.

This year is about observing and putting them in words, so if you are someone from somewhere who can relate to it, you know you are not alone in the journey/fight.

There’s so much happening these days in India related to the economy, jobs and growth factor and yet there are scenarios where people fight for silly reasons and dowry (a sum demanded by the groom’s family during marriage) and the culture remains prevalent.

You cannot point at India and say- this is what the country is because it’s not! It’s a range of people from progressive thinkers, to idea makers to traditional people who swear by the tradition that women have to do certain things irrespective of their job, talent or the money they make. They are restricted, instructed and considered a bad mother and wife if failed to stick to them.

Women become household glues that are bound to hold on to the family even when the rest have strayed away. Their talents undermined; their jobs ridiculous and openly discussed by some mother-in-laws how they don’t need daughter-in-laws who work because “my son makes enough”.

On the other hand, you will find bikini clad female professionals roaming around in the beach and looking for the next Europe vacation or BMW to buy.

The problems are here to stay unless women stop obstructing other women. In most cases it’s not men who don’t consider women equal, it’s the women who think women should be lesser than men- lesser qualifications, lesser salary and lesser in quality.

This year hopefully we can all create some differences, be aware of where we are and help someone get to the door- so they can see the world the way it is!

Happy 2011 to you all!

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Happy New Year to you all

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If your resolution is in place, so is mine 

I hope the new year brings you joy, peace and happiness.

Happy New Year to all!