Villanova University PMP Prep Course- Conclusion

May 31, 2011 | | 1 comments |
This is the last week of Villanova University PMP Prep review.

The course has been worth the time and though I haven’t paid for the course- I would given the material and depth of the classes.

The time spent for taking the course is worthwhile and it simplifies the PMBOK and the lessons very well with definitions and examples.

I haven’t gone around taking their end of the course exam though and wish I had the time (or better planning) to get to it.

Breaking the course work into smaller chunks and including workbook like lessons at the end of each chapter are the smaller tests leading to the big one.

You can’t login into the university online portal once your course schedule is over, however you have the book, CD’s and downloads to keep for future preps and use.

This was my first online course and I don’t mind taking another again.

Thank you Villanova!

Last 3 weeks available here.


Today was a good and busy day.

I have tried my hands on creating a demo video and realized that it’s really tough. While I enjoyed the challenge and hated the retakes and editing involved, I couldn’t help but admire online trainers who do it often. It must be a lot of work to sit in front of the camera and record session after session.

None of us know it all but it never hurts to try it out.

Like the last email I received from someone who wants to get into project management and doesn’t know how to get it done. I responded like I do to most emails but his request was so well crafted, I told him I don’t mind taking Skype calls once in a while to help him out.

After all so many have helped me.

Ask- it’s never too late. 

Week 3- Additional Tools like Graded PMP Simulations

The Villanova course has been going alright so far. I’m still lagging behind but happy that the videos are of shorter duration and can be downloaded so I can move around with them.

The videos though a lot of them are not long intervals of mindless talking.

These pre-recorded sessions display  the time duration, and it helps; so you can squeeze in a few of the lectures before watching your favorite TV show or going out for your run.

Two trainers (as far as I have watched it) have been doing all the talking- Cynthia Stackpole and C. Aron.

Aron lectures on chapters involving mathematical calculation and I personally liked his style and presentation better than Stackpole’s.

Videos include definitions from the PMBOK, however the course is not an alternative of reading the PMBOK, so make sure you still read it.

So, how is it better than other online courses that are being offered on the web?

Honestly, I haven’t taken a lot of them. What I like about this online course is that, it mails you reading materials as well- for you to keep. So, even when your online access is over, you can still use the CD and study materials to prep for your PMP. That’s a nice and thoughtful touch.

Included is also a graded is a PMP and CAPM Test Simulation which is not part of the course requirement or the score doesn’t affect your final grades.

I think it takes a while to get used to the course, its navigation and utilizing the resources completely.

To read Week 1 and 2 and the Disclosure, click here.

Week 2- It’s tailored for busy and fast moving professionals

The best feature of this course is that is tailored for fast moving people.

The course comes with options:
•You have the hard copy- the course material and the 5 CD’s.
•You can access the material via the web, so you don’t have to carry around the reading material if you don’t want to.
•Download the files in either audio or video format (in compressed file format) and you can watch it offline as well now. Or upload it in your ipod and carry around with ease.

The Course
The course is available in chapter wise like structure, so you are not all loaded with too much information.  The course if of 4 weeks which means, each week comes with its lectures.
•Week 1- 15 lectures
•Week 2- 8 lectures
•Week 3- lectures
•Week 4- 12 lectures

The video and the textual material compliment each other and so you can move back and forth drilling down the material or referring to the other when in need. 

The videos are usually of shorter duration, precise and narrate the chapter well and in required details. 

I have been trying to log on to the site and then listen to the videos, but since I have been lagging behind (blame the new job), I decided to download the videos so I can listen to them easily.

So, when readers like you comment or mail and let me know that you are waiting for the review because you are interested in this prep course, it does help me. 

For week 1 click here.


May 1, 2011 | | 1 comments |
For the last 2 weeks, I have had my share of  trying to find more time.

However, I managed to watch the Royal Wedding and fancied having one of those hats in my closet!

These few mentioned resources are great time savers and worth a try: great tool to bookmark all your videos in one place, so you can watch them later from anywhere.
Instapaper- save sites to read later.
Ipod- great way to learn more, while you laze around, fly or wait in terminals or simply cook. I download podcast on weekends- some work related, some just for information or fun. If you don’t have one, no worries, just listen to it online.
Evernote -  when remembering is no longer a task, great resource for regular use. You can sync it also with your iphone app.
Meebo- one stop IM, you can log into multiple accounts at the same time, I use it everyday.
Tweetdeck- to time your tweets for the rest of the week. If you have interns working with you, opt for Hootsuite, lets you add more than 1 contributor to an account. So, now, you and your interns can all tweet for the same account without having to share passwords.

For those following the Villanova course; I’m lagging behind and hope I’ll catch up soon.