Linchpin- the book

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It’s a book you will read at one go and you should- an eye opener in every sense of the word.

How does it help new Project Managers?

It tells you how to avoid the “lizard brain” (your inner resistance) that takes over when in doubt, anxiety and stress. It’s the negative emotions that stops you from being the “Linchpin”.

Linchpin’s have 7 abilities:
·Delivering unique creativity
·Inspiring staff
·Possessing a unique talent
·Managing  situation of great complexity
·Providing an interface among members of the organization
·Leading customers
·Providing deep domain knowledge.

Linchpin’s lead without being told or even holding a fancy title. Sound’s familiar? A quality must for aspiring PM’s.

He gives plenty of examples- like that of Richard Branson who encountered a situation where his flight was cancelled. So instead of waiting forever he went to the airports charter desk and chartered a flight. He then borrowed a blackboard and wrote $39 for seats. He went back to the gate, sold enough tickets to cover the price and reached his destination.

He gives example of the “lizard brain” and how a simple eye contact can get someone attacked. He talks about the Rotterdam zoo where Gorilla visitors have to wear glasses like those in 3D movies.  And what the Gorilla sees painted on the outside the glasses- eyes looking sidewise. This has saved many attacks by the gorilla. Avoiding direct eye contacts doesn’t trigger the “lizard brain”.

A great book- informative and inspiring and a complete  guide to understand why we choose the easy route of being a worker and not an “artist”.

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PMI WB Chapter

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The new PMI chapter of West Bengal (India) launched this February. 

The memberships are growing as is the effort to organize new events. This Saturday (June 25) they are hosting in the heart of the Kolkata IT sector a Seminar on Agile and chance to network among professionals over tea.

A free event for PMI west Bengal member, it will cost 300 (INR) for non-members.

The discussion will be based on Leveraging Agile Practices to Improve the PMO’s Effectiveness and Using the Measurement and Analysis Techniques.

You can find them in Linkedin as well. 

Cloning Not Allowed

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The way you think is always different from the way the person sitting next to you in the coffee shop. And that is precious!

Your individuality is what you bring to the table.

So, should you maintain it? Yes!

•Don’t clone yourself like the rest.
•Be present- of what you represent.
•Don’t make the world flat- initiate and lead when required. Become the Linchpin (Read Seth Godin’s book if you haven’t)
•Be comfortable in who are and the difference. Someone working with a global background will automatically work better in a multicultural work environment. It’s an advantage, don’t hide it- flaunt it.
•Trying to fit in always might not be for the best- let your individuality show. It brings the zing factor to your life!

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Mark your calendars

•On June 14th, ESI will host IMPACT 2011, its third annual virtual learning event. IMPACT 2011 is a 24 hour, free global event that provides attendees with access to numerous resources.Register  here (it’s free).

PMI Educational Foundation award grants up to US$23,750 for doctoral research grants in project, program or portfolio management. Grants are available to students worldwide. 30 June is the deadline to submit a grant proposal. If you have missed it this year, get ready for the next!

Arras People Kicks Off the APM Road Show Season with a series of Project Management Careers and Marketplace talks at the Association for Project Management (APM) Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire branch meetings.

The series starts on the 12th July 2011 with John Thorpe, Managing Director at Arras People who will be looking at the Current Project Management Marketplace.The talk will cover current salary and rate levels; current demands in training and qualifications from organizations looking for project management talent; and key information from the Project Management Benchmark Report which covers the market in 2011.

On 21st September and 5th October where Dr Michael Hides and Lindsay Scott, respectively, will be talking about current topical areas in project management careers development and the marketplace.

APM Conference 2011 will be held in London on 20th October 2011

•The updated exam for the Project Management Professional (PMP)®certification will be released on 31 August 2011.

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