Creativity- the way of working

Apr 24, 2012 | | 0 comments |
I clearly had a lovely vacation and am a week late.

In the last week, much has happened that has challenged me to think beyond regular stuff. Like always, am thankful for the new challenge - it has always brought me new opportunity and scope to learn.

Meanwhile, saw this video and loved it and wanted to share. If you have ever wanted to be creative or thought about creativity, want to become a public speaker- this video is for you.

By the way, the original article link is here.

Have a lovely week everyone and don't step back. Move forward everyday!

(Pic Courtesy: My vacation in Goa, India)

10 easy steps to implementing Scrum

 Agile has taken over the project management world and there are more and more companies that are jumping in the bandwagon.

If you are new to Scrum, here are 10 easy steps to start implementing it (taken from All About Agile):

•Get your backlog in order
•How to estimate your product backlog
Sprint Planning requirements
Sprint Planning task
Create a collaborative Workspace
Stand up and be Counted
Track progress with Burn down chart
Finish when you said you would
Review, reflect and repeat

While you get your Scrum in order I will be away for a short break and return on April 16!