Day 5: Flush out the toxins

How is your resolve going so far? Do you feel close to your goal?

Are you holding up to your side of the bargain? Have you been derailed and been back a couple of times? Has it been tough for you?

If you are still there, hang in buddy. Anything tough is sure to win you results. 

Today make sure to flush out the toxins from your life. To keep the good in your life, you need to get rid of the bad. And to do so, you need to identify them.

Get rid of the non believers- Don’t surround yourself with friends and family, who don’t believe in your goals and dreams. You would rather be by yourself till you make new friends than be with people who will not support you when you need the most. 
You don’t need a bad lifestyle- Your discipline and resolve will get you going at this stage. Most successful people have a lifestyle that allows them to be creative’s and strategists. You will never ever find people who follow erratic lifestyle to be great project managers. 
Get off the bus- Be very clear about where you are going; get off the bus to take the road less traveled  There’s no point in following millions of others just because you have to. There’s no reason you should always listen to everyone just because that’s the right thing to do. The point is to make sure that you carve a path for yourself, know your interests and talents and then find out what works out for you. 
Stop saying No- being negative can hamper your chances of reaching your goal. While it may have taken you some practice to start saying NO, don’t start using it when it comes down to your goals. Say yes you can every time u think you have doubts. 
Get ready to flush- anything that doesn't go with your goals, flush them out. 

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Day 4: Dream big

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It’s Diwali here in India and while the city is decked up in beautiful lights, so is my house.

With the lights everywhere, I wish all of you can hold on to your dream and your goal. I hope you have been following through your goal that you decided on Day 1. Just in case you are off the track, just get back to it from today. Don’t use it as an excuse to start again from next month. It never comes.

So, today Dream BIG.

  • Dreaming big changes you- When you dream big, you know you are ready for it. Ready to take on the new challenge, ready to explore opportunities. You tend to become more disciplined.
  • Dreaming big changes your focus- When you have already zeroed in on the dream, you now know that you have to focus. Getting the right focus means training your mind and getting ready to win big time.
  • Dreaming big means thinking positive- Dreams are always good, they may be grander, larger than life but they are always positive. You have to find a way to keep the positive thoughts going on. Use visuals, try to stay happy by getting involved with positive work, meet awesome people who are making differences everyday, find a voice for yourself, do something that you have meaning to do for long and have never tried. Sounds good but you never have time, meet people (the one whom you admire) online through blogs, twitter and other social avenues. Chances of achieving your dreams are always higher when you can stay positive for a longer haul.
  • Dreaming big allows you to be a better thinker- when you really want something, you will find a way to get it.  Staring at the wall and thinking about your big idea isn't all, usually with big thinking and an upbeat positive attitude, you will start thinking about strategies. Strategies can be from meeting up and talking to people asking for advise, it can be finding out ways you haven’t thought of before, reading up for more ideas and then implement it.
  • Dreaming big enables positive reinforcement- When you dream big and keep on thinking about it, you associate yourself with something positive. Staying positive will also keep you in a much happier place than constantly thinking about negatives in your life. So, no matter what your current status of mind is you will be looking forward to your big dream and that’s always good.

Read more on keeping up here:

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Keep working!

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Day 3: Being scared is ok

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You have always wanted the job, dreamed of buying your first house, felt like telling your boss what you really had in mind, want to quit your job, take the certification and you are scared.

Scared of failure, scared of losing your job, scared of taking such a big responsibility, scared of dreaming big and feeling horrible when it doesn't happen?

So, today you can be scared. Yes, be scared and know it’s all right.  It’s better  being scared and face it than be in denial and keep postponing your goal. Accept that the goal you chose is a bug one, will take guts to fulfill it, takes effort to get up in the morning and get it done and after all the effort you do still might have chances of not making it.

Seriously, hats the point hiding in the fear. That’s what has kept you inside all these years. Today, walk out through that door and accept that you are scared. You want the goal so much, that you will out in the initiative, you will risk getting off your tower and you will stop avoiding it for the rest of your life.

What are the odds here? You might not make it, you say. Well you haven’t anyways all these years! So, you might as well get out there and give it a try. Create a support group, prep yourself emotionally for taking the big step and know that it’s OK.

Here are 7 steps to make your dream come true , so today stop worrying and good luck!

Plan your journey well, here's day 1 and day 2.

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Why I don’t advertise?

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Khan academy is redefining education. The organization relies on the power of internet to reach out to millions with one single idea that can bring in the real “change”.

When I started this blog, I was trying to write something down once a week to help myself learn. I didn't expect anyone else to read me. I didn't think anyone would actually Google me. And it never occurred to me that the blog would be my source of invitation to international seminars. It was just an honest effort on my part without a single clue to how I wanted this blog to be.

Couple of years later when I started the SIPM Community, there was the concrete idea on what I want and how to get it done. I wanted to bring back and contribute something to the project management community especially the new project manages and graduate students who are thinking of career options, hence the website was launched.

I never made money out if it. It was always meant to be free. A way of education that could benefit everyone globally by meeting project management experts, following them for a day and finding internships.

I haven’t come across similar websites that do the same thing, so I know this is one of a kind. And I don’t advertise about it because advertising costs money.

The advertising that I put in my blog or for that matter the community site are all friends and I don’t charge. I have occasionally received an advertising fee ($ 20/month) for putting out the link in my blog. That’s as far as it goes.

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Be safe, stay warm and enjoy being a Project Manager!

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All About Image Consulting: An Interview

Today we interview Prachi Mishra, the Founder of Prachi Mishra Image Consulting who is a post graduate from the National Institute of Fashion Technology on why image consulting is important and how she is observing first hand the changes that are happening in India.

 In the year 2002 she embarked her path as a professional in the fashion industry where she was over and again appreciated and recognized for her innovative approach towards work. In the years spent she has worked with renowned brands like Benetton, Zara, Carrefour, Dillards, Nordstrom and Ecko to name a few.

In the year 2007 she kick started a new career and moved her domain to Training and Development.In the past six years she has trained several professionals and students and has created a niche for herself as a corporate trainer. Her assignments include several Educational institutes, Leading Air Hostess Academy, IT and ITES organizations. An inspiring speaker she believes that people understand and learn more through doing. Consequently her seminars and workshops are highly participation and action-oriented.

You run an image consulting business in India, why do you think having the right image is so important?
In today’s world we assume and judge people based on little Information. It takes approximately 3 to 7 seconds to form a first impression. Appearance strongly influences other people’s perception of our personality, values, financial success, authority, trustworthiness and intelligence to name a few.

Hence it is essential to “Create a Powerful and Desired First Impression” in every new situation for success in personal, professional and social life. In order to come at par with contemporaries and rise in life it has become imperative to maintain the right image.

As also Brian Tracy has mentioned in her book “The Psychology of Achievement” – “Many capable men and women are disqualified from job opportunities because they do not look the part”

Can you give us 3 tips, on how a professional can change their image from a nervous newbie to a confident professional?
Dress appropriately for the occasion.

  • Mind your body language, especially your hand gestures. They can convey a lot. Be aware of others body language as well.
  • Think before you speak. Don't be in a rush to prove yourself

How do you run these sessions? How much is the charge and who can enroll?
I conduct these sessions under two models - Personalized one on one coaching and Group seminars/ workshops. Anybody who would like to enhance their appearance and communication skills can enroll for my sessions. So far I have worked with people from various walks of life such as – homemaker, college goer, corporate executives, people in leadership roles, politicians, entrepreneurs, doctors, aspiring models and actors.

The sessions are conducted on hourly basis and each session is approximately of 2 hours duration. The commercials for a 2 hour sessions is Rs 6,000.

3 things every professional woman should have in their hand bag?
Other than mobile phone and money – three things essential in the handbag are:

  • A small mirror
  • Kajal
  • Lip gloss

What is your background and why did you decide to move into image consulting training?
I am a postgraduate from the National Institute of Fashion Technology. Having worked with leading export agencies in India, I had the opportunity to experience the taste of international fashion and also meet and interact with people from different corners of the globe. I always felt that we were a misfit for many reasons in the global arena. At times it was lack of finer soft skills and other times our perception about the western counterparts. I realized in order to stay fit and compete in the global market one needs to learn the art of projecting a great first impression.

I started my second career as a trainer with corporates and colleges and soon got myself certified as an Image consultant. I have now been in this business for 6 years. I work with colleges, corporates and individuals to help them enhance their image.

How do you see professionals in India being more conscious about their image? What do you think is the reason for the change?
I definitely feel that the professionals in India are much more aware of their Image than they used to be. People are willing to spend money and take professional help for things which were considered meaningless.

The reasons are umpteen- with every passing day, the World is becoming a smaller place. Thanks to globalization and economic transition, trade between countries have increased – which includes technical tie-ups, increased human interactions, exposure to multi cultures and customs. There is heavier and intense international and domestic competition. Customers are emerging stronger.

Today we have better technology, better people  and a need to create better First Impressions.

To connect with her directly, you can find her at @prachimishra (twitter handle)

(Pic Courtesy:Prachi Mishra Image Consulting)

Talking to successful people

So, now that you are working out the challenge series and have started the change for a much better and productive life, this video will provide you with that extra edge when you decide to talk (and network) with others and perhaps even find a job.

Remember to listen carefully to this 4.18 minute video and you can ace what to ask when you meet a prospective mentor!

What do you think? Is that how you do? What strategies have you used?

Day 2: Stop making plans unless you are ready to follow them through

Nov 4, 2012 | | 0 comments |

Promises are meant to be broken.

For how many years do you think you want to keep on writing resolutions and keep failing them? So, if you have made a plan and finalized your goal, let’s make sure you can follow it through.

Years ago when I was in University; one of the professors asked us to write down the 5 goals in an index card and keep it in our car. She said, when you start your car in the morning go through the card.
On one side were the goals in bullet points, the other side had a picture glued to it- a picture that would inspire you to attain your goal.

It did help and following through didn't seem that difficult.
  • Keep a visual record of your plan- more you see it, easier to follow through. Make a practice of it.
  • Set up a relaxed routine that leads you to follow through- If you think too much about doing your task, chances of procrastination are more. The way to deal with it is to stop thinking and create a routine; every morning have a cup of tea when you wake up and then get to your goal area whatever that might be (gym/study/outdoors) and be there for the next 30 minutes. 
  • Keep your failures close- moving on is good, however that doesn't mean you have to forget your failures. Keeping them close reminds you of the mistakes and keeps the focus on. Better, you know what it feels to fail. I bet you don’t want to repeat that.
  • No shortcuts- Stop taking the easy way out; instead focus on long term benefits and the right way of doing things. Instead of preparing for your certification for the entire day today and then forget about it for the next 10 days, take small steps. Sit for 1 hour everyday at the same time and the same place. Yes, same place, don’t keep on moving throughout the house, find a comfortable place and study there throughout the preparation.
  • When off the track, get back to it the next day- we all do it. The problem gets worse when we think, we’ll start from Monday or next months, now that I am already off the track I’ll take this weekend off as well. Wrong. Get back to it the very next day. You don’t want to fail this time.
  • Rest Days- Keep a day off. Rest your goals, evaluate them and forget about it. Enjoy the day without stressing. Next day, get back to your routine.

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To read more about project management and know how to get into the domain, read my book Stepping into Project Management (Welcome to the #PMOT World). To connect with experienced Project Manager's from all over the world, get mentored or shadow for a day see the SIPM Community.

Day 1: Stop Complaining

Ever wonder why 45 percent of Americans write up new resolutions and only 8 percent successful in keeping theirs?

Have you thought why you have goals and haven’t reached them ? Is it because you haven’t worked towards it, didn’t think it was possible or didn't have courage to take the risk or have the desperation in you to get it done.

This November twice a week we will focus on what we need to get rid off to get to our goals.

Day 1: Stop Complaining 

Achiever are not whiners and any resolution will stick when you have the will power.

Easily said than done, keeping up with the willpower over an extended period of time is tough.

  • So, today write down one goal. 
  • Any goal. 
  • A goal that you really want to achieve. 
  • Even if you have failed before. 
  • Write it down in a paper and keep it where you can see it. I mean it. If you are too embarrassed to keep it in public (may be because you have failed before and don’t want others to make fun of you) keep the paper in your wallet/purse, type it in your phone. 
  • Make a plan, think about it today.
  • Tomorrow morning, review your goal. Is it the same goal you want to achieve?
  • Make changes and keep one goal. Now make plans. The one you can really keep. Don’t say you will wake up at 4am and go for a run.
  • Share it with one person if you prefer Or keep it to yourself if that makes you more determined.
If you can afford to hire someone to slap you every time you are off track, go for it.

Good, now you are done with part 1 of your task.

Now for the more complex part- you have to stop complaining for the next 15 days. Seriously.

If you are in the mood, go read this forum about what people say about whiners .

Whenever you want to complaint, stop.

Stop complaining about your family, about the cold food the cafeteria serves, the backstabbing co- worker, the vicious boss, horrible weather- STOP.

Try to relax and be happy. Be conscious and see the positive side of our life, count your blessings. Look at your pay check, the fact you still have a job, thank your partner when he/she brings you coffee, take your team/co-worker out to lunch. Try to get off  from the constant whining and complains.

Set a routine for yourself every day, end of the day or early morning. Give yourself some space, some time when you are not stressing. Have a cup of tea/coffee, water your plants, breathe, just sit there and listen to some music, read a magazine, watch your favourite show. Be present.

This can’t be easy and it won’t. Repeat your routine. It gets better.

Along with this change, start putting in small efforts (15 minutes a day) to follow your goal. Don’t overdo it and then give it up. Do it every day.

If you are still reading this, go ahead and get started. And let me tell you, you are not doing it alone. I am doing it with you.

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To read more about project management and know how to get into the domain, read my book Stepping into Project Management (Welcome to the #PMOT World). To connect with experienced Project Manager's from all over the world, get mentored or shadow for a day see the SIPM Community.