Interview with Ron Rosenhead

Here's the answer for those who saw the lateral thinking post!

So, today we have the honor to interview Ron Rosenhead, who is Managing Director of Project Agency. He first became interested in project management when involved in a major change management project. Since then he has run many project events and workshops, helped organisations develop their own project management system and spoken at conferences. 

How does your day usually look like?
There is no typical day for me which is why the job is so much fun. One day I am running an event for a client, another planning an event for a client. Maybe I am out selling or researching and writing blogs. I try and take time out from work as much as possible because all work and no play…

I travel a fair amount in the UK and I chose to use the train a lot. This gives me time for reading and relaxing.

No typical day, not even running events as each group is so different

What do you see as a major change in trend in project management for 2013?

  • I am writing a book on project sponsorship with Vicki James & Peter Taylor. I think this will be a big area in 2013 and not simply because of the book we are writing. I am getting more and more enquiries about this area.
  • Benefits management will grow in its importance. The need to be able to justify projects (especially with public money) is growing 
  • People skills/soft skills  - I started my life as a ‘soft skills ‘trainer and there has never been enough emphasis on the people side of project management. I see this as a growing area

3 qualities every aspiring project manager should have.

Wow, only 3? Difficult however here goes:

  • clearly the project manager should know about project management. Whether that is a qualification or experience I do not mind. The project manager needs to immerse themselves within project management and get to know as much a possible about it – in a practical (not theoretical) way 
  • people (soft) skills – projects are delivered by people. It is essential that the PM develops great people (soft) skills. Dealing with a difficult stakeholder can enhance the project if done well. Done badly can make the job really difficult
  • learn – you will make mistakes and learn from them. We have all made mistakes however the good PM will realize they can build on their knowledge and experience by being honest and sharing the mistakes with others and learning from them

Tell us a little more about Project Agency and what  training programs are conducted? Are there any training's for people stepping into project management?

A lot of our work focuses on those who are professionals and find themselves ‘involved with project management’ but have not had very much training. One of our courses: We have had over 14,000 people on our Perfect Project course. It is tied, tested and practical and is aimed at those who are new to project management.

Some of our courses are customized to meet client needs however I would judge around 80% are new to project management in some way or other.

We also work 1 to 1 with individuals, coaching and working with them to deliver projects.

Another area is to support the company by developing in-house project management approaches that really work. This involves some consultancy and then training however I am really aware of the needs of people who are new to project management

How can people reach you?
They can contact me by:

phone: +44 (0) 208 446 7766
Skype: ron.rosenhead1
web site:

Thank you Ron!

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Lateral Thinking

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Three of the glasses below are filled with orange juice and the other three are empty. By moving just one glass, can you arrange the glasses so that the full and empty glasses alternate?

Try out and let me know if you did find the solution.

Answer coming up on Wednesday :)

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Enjoy your Sunday

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To learn more about project management and know how to get into the domain, read my book Stepping into Project Management (Welcome to the #PMOT World). To connect with experienced Project Manager's from all over the world, get mentored or shadow for a day see the SIPM Community

My New Years Resolution- And How I kept It

This is my first. And I thought I’ll share it with you.

In all these years, I have made umpteen resolutions, written about it, scribbled on books, index cards, made notes to self and somewhere down the road I have dropped them and never gotten back.

This year was different. I didn't have any resolutions. Not one.

It's February of course now and so far I am on track. Breaking resolutions is so common that I think we have stopped feeling guilty about it. We make resolutions that we know will get us off the track at some point.

So, here’s how I stuck with it this year:

  • I didn't make any resolutions- that way I didn't put any pressure on me to succeed. 
  • I went for basics- I just wanted to be happy. Every day I decided what would make me happy and just went with it. Some days I read, some days I looked into new certifications, some days I went for a walk. I want to wake up happy. 
  • I kept doing things if I liked it- I never forced myself to exercise, if I didn't want to do it I didn't  Instead I just walked within my apartment or did 3 crunches. 
  • I stopped waiting- For things to happen obviously, I started moving around more. So, I disconnected by cable, with no TV shows I had to step out for air. If I really wanted to watch something, I did via internet and that took time to hook up and then connect my laptop to the big screen TV and then watch it. Too much trouble, instead I just went out for a stroll. Plus I took the meaningless chatter out of my head.
  • I look for peace- I did through books, my strolls and tried to center myself. I sit quietly for 5 minutes, do some very basic yoga when I can and get back to my normal life.
  • I used technology to its very minimum- I own a weighing machine for the last 5 years. I rarely weigh myself now, I do it may be once a week to keep a track otherwise my jeans does the rest :) Oh and I use an iPhone app called “Lose It” (the free version) to keep a track of the food that I eat. You can use a food journal. I have used it before and then stopped using it because I don’t like the idea of writing down everything I eat.  After a while I really wanted to know what was going in my tummy and I got back to it. Just because I have to log it, I try to eat right. 
  • I don’t punish myself- I make cakes and eat them too but only when I have company. I don’t make cakes for me anymore. And I parcel the rest for takeaway. When I fall off the wagon, I don’t criticize me anymore I accept that I am human. I get back to my new lifestyle from the next minute not the next day. Because tomorrow never comes
  • I've made by peace with failure- I have failed too often to know I will be fine even if I fail. So, when I do things I feel uncomfortable with; I am ok. I know I have failed and I know I don’t want to fail. So, I stop thinking about it, I go read something or write a blog post and forget about it. It’s OK to fail.
  • I move- I try to. I take the extra initiative to clean up the kitchen, organize my wardrobe, arrange my book shelf, find those family albums, index the DVD’s- anything that doesn't allow me to sit. If you get tired, take a 5 minute break and then get back to it. Moving is a habit for me, more I do it, easier it becomes.
  • I don’t want to lose weight- I don’t. More I attach numbers to my goals, more the pressure is. I want to be healthy and happy. So, I keep to the basics and try to add something new to it once in a while if I want to. This is the best year I have had so far, because I am at peace with myself. I have stopped comparing myself with others, I have stopped looking at how green the grass is on the other side and I just look at me.
  • Create a positive environment- Do something that gives you happiness everyday. Connect with people, write a blog post  find a good supportive system for yourself. When I moved to this city (Hyderabad, India), I didn't really know a soul, didn't have any friends and I missed mine in States. I had really bad days, so I finally decided enough is enough and I have to find a solution to it. I started my own group through meetup ( and found similar minded people who soon enough became friends. We go for outings together as a group, we have members from different walks of life and profession, we get to learn from each other,watch movies, share some laughter and even do a picnic. Stop waiting, coz no one’s coming to help you unless you want to help yourself.
  • Do it for you- not because everyone else is doing it. Only when you are ready, want to try or you know it’s time- go for it. One change, any change, a small change will do!
Ultimately be happy and help someone today, it will give you some happiness and peace.

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Surround yourself with the best

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To learn more about project management read my book Stepping into Project Management (Welcome to the #PMOT World). To connect with experienced Project Manager's from all over the world, get mentored or shadow for a day see the SIPM Community.

Why you should be part of the SIPM Community?

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Over the years the blog has been there aimed to inspire others in their journey to project management. Writing for it and reading emails, tweets and your support has kept me going. The community has slowly grown, subscribing through RSS, emails and newsletters. Thank you so much for being part of it.

If you are new to the blog or have stumbled upon and want to know why you should be part of the SIPM community, read on...

  • Blog- I usually post twice a week with the latest happenings in the pm world, interviews with project managers, book reviews, sharing personal experience, inspiration and articles to keep you going. 
  • Community- A great resource that’s still free for all users, it’s a great platform for you to mingle and network amongst the project managers. You have the ability to connect with project management professionals from all over the world. Find your mentor, find internships and even follow them for a day. Best part- find them from all over the globe and you don’t have to convince them to mentor you. They already want to.
  • Newsletter- Once in a while I will send you newsletters with the insiders peek into the SIPM world, connect with you and give away info and prizes.
  • In your inbox- you can subscribe to the blog through email. That’s right, if you can’t remember blog URL’s or don’t have the time to keep coming back to it why not just subscribe through emails.
  • RSS feed- Don’t want an overcrowded inbox, try the RSS feed and get the stories your way.
  • No marketing- Don’t worry, your emails are never used for marketing or given away. I don’t even use it to email you (seriously), I will use it when I need to communicate with you only. Ask around and hear it for yourself.
  • E-books- yes there is the paid one and there are the free ones as well. The whole idea of creating the community was to encourage, provide information and create a platform for newbie’s joining the profession and you don’t have to carry wads of cash with you to learn.
  • Great downloads-Apart from the e-books, there are free downloads available once in a while, it can be a booklet to start blogging or templates to manage your life.
  • Facebook Page- The FB page is an initiative to bring in the platform to the more socially  active generation. Apart from sharing posts from the blog, I usually share quotes, good reads, project management giveaways, seminars etc. With 170 members, its growing everyday.
  • Twitter updates- It’s where I connect on a one on one basis, I tweet primarily about project management, share pics from my everyday life and chat up with you. 
If you have found yourself a mentor, been inspired through the blog, moved into project management  read my book or just want to say "hi" feel free to drop me an email.

While you are busy with your life and your soaring career, help someone out today because someone helped you too.

Note: SIPM= Stepping into Project Management :)

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To learn more about project management read my book Stepping into Project Management (Welcome to the #PMOT World). To connect with experienced Project Manager's from all over the world, get mentored or shadow for a day see the SIPM Community.