How to read a book?

May 2, 2016 | |
I love reading books, I have recently also moved to reading –eBooks and reading books online via i-pad.

This post isn’t about that.

It’s about finding the most effective way to read a book, remember the idea behind it and trigger the thought process. Not exactly the way you would read a novel.

I’ll explain what I mean- I like reading books in combos. This means if they are on similar topics/themes I will club them together and read. I don’t club more than 3 books. For example- I read Rework  and Delivering Happiness  together; both are about creating corporate cultures and see how differently it’s done for the same goal.
I read Beyond Boys Club  and Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office  together. You get the idea.

My recent ongoing read is The Fifth Discipline  and Critical Chain  .

Why this is great:
  • You can easily compare between the books and theories and real life examples before yo forget.
  • It makes me think because I am reading 2 different opinions about the same topic, sometimes complimentary, sometimes contradictory
  • By reading 2-3 authors at the same time, I spread my horizon more on the topic.
How do you prefer reading yours?

(Pic Courtesy: Pinterest)