May- Product Round Up

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I have often talked about my recent interest in wellness in Instagram and in this new journey there are routines I follow, new things I read and learn and sometimes things I buy to keep me going in that journey.

As the last post for this month, here are some of my favorite products I bought:
  1. Little Black Book - I have heard of this so many times via you-tubers and while looking for next book to buy, I thought of this one. I bought via Kindle and it’s a simple read that’s more of a reminder of things you need to do. If you are trying a new career or planning to hustle this book just might be for you.
  2. I re-purposed my study desk, it was anyways becoming a pile of unwanted things, so I moved it to another room and now I don’t have a desk. I write wherever I want to- dining table, couch, on the floor, bed. In my attempt to keep me positive as much as I can, I try diffusers. This one is a humidifier plus diffuser. I love the smell of freshness and use diffuser's mostly during morning's. So, this mini one got my attention and I use it when I write, it moved around with me wherever I am. I use lavender oil and the fact it also doubles up as humidifier is amazing. So far I have used it at my makeshift desks and have enjoyed it very much. 
  3. Okay, just in case you need to know more details of my routines-I used to go for pedicures every month but mostly for the foot message. And I haven’t had much time to indulge in one for the last couple of years and guess what I found one that I can have at home. Its been a week and I use it everyday, especially on the days when I am on my foot for hours like training's and workshops. Its wonderfully packaged (looks nice) and yes does wonders for your feet and stress. 
  4. This one is again influenced by social media where I have read so much that I really want to try Epsom salt. Anyone  here who uses it on regular basis? 
  5. Has to be another book, right? Thinking Fast and Slow is my second trial at reading it. If you are looking for a serious read that doesn’t quite cut as vacation read, then look no further. More detailed review will be up soon as I get the entire book done.
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Articles to Read this Month

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Here are list of some of the article I read this month and enjoyed it, so thought I would  share.
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  1. How a genius thinks and works is a rather interesting read with a cup of your favorite tea.
  2. If like everybody else, you are looking forward to happiness, this one is for you
  3. The journey from east coast to Kilimanjaro, one woman's tale to do the impossible. 
  4. If you are the creative who is always looking fr the next big idea, clearly creative abrasion works and hers how 
  5. Like everyone else, if you are caught by the wellness bug if  and looking for some great reads, here’s an entire list just for you.
  6. Want to turn yourself to a focused individual, see the ways you can get ahead in the race.
  7. How your rival can make you better hear it from none other than Federer himself. 

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Why is creativity important in agile?

Majority of teams and organizations believe, agile is about ceremonies and productivity and leveraging the flexibility by forcefully changing requirements and showcasing books and authors on how it has been done.

 In ‘Building the Agile Business’, author and digital strategist Neil Perkin describes an agile business as being ‘velocity x focus x flexibility’. In other words, a business that is focusing its efforts on moving in a clear direction, but that also has an in-built ability to adapt and change course if and when necessary…..Taking an agile approach enables brands to test new ideas early on and to adapt easily to changes to ensure maximum success. 

In most scenarios this over used buzzword has also created myths around it that very few can differentiate with reality. Like doing stands up doesn’t make you an agile team. An organization isn’t Agile if only teams are forced to change without telling them why the change is happening. It only leads to bitterness.

There are the supporters and the naysayers who argue over whose agile (implementation) is better. They quote authors and books and bring out snippets of blogposts and argue their case. In all this chaos, I have barely seen teams question what they do and why they do? Why the change?
Creativity often ignored isn’t considered as mainstream thought process in resolving real time problems. The flexibility or adaptability in Agile is sometimes taken as a license to leverage it without thinking.

While certain outlines needs to be adhered, creativity or free thinking can always help resolve problems even when it revolves around process. The most creative individuals are those who can see the things that everyone else misses. 

Looking at data trends in an agile team can tell you where lies the core problem, to put an end to mechanical retrospectives and really finding ways to get the team talking needs creativity and to eventually see what’s working and what’s not and to better the team is about thinking differently.

So, should we incorporate in Agile training's about the need of looking at a set of problems  and thinking how to resolve by adhering to your team culture, by encouraging team members to come up with a new set of solution, bring the team together in discussing collaboratively and telling that it’s not about the tools, it’s about you. Bring you to the table, bring your ideas, disagree when required and respect the difference of thoughts. 

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This is what you should be doing

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What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

List down 3 items and find a way to get it done.

What would you need to get it done? More time, money, taking risks?

The biggest reason we don’t succeed is because we stand in our own way. So, here are some methods that are ruling the web.

Miracle Mornings is something I recently came across, you can listen to the audio book in YouTube. There’s clearly a buzz about it online and saw numerous people talking about it and how it has changed their lives. The goal is simple, get up early every morning and ensure you set your mood and pace by using visual boards and exercise to get things done.

The Secret-Law of Attraction has lots of followers including celebrities. It focuses a lot on visualization and here’s Oprah’s recount of how it worked for her 

Mental practice as they say can get you closer to where you want to be in life, and it can prepare you for success! “For instance, Natan Sharansky, a computer specialist who spent 9 years in prison in the USSR after being accused of spying for US has a lot of experience with mental practices. While in solitary confinement, he played himself in mental chess, saying: “I might as well use the opportunity to become the world champion!” Remarkably, in 1996, Sharansky beat world champion chess player Garry Kasparov!” Source

There could be multiple ways to work on your life goals without having to dedicate yourself full time. You don't need to quit your job, if you are not ready.

Most of the techniques is about you working on your willpower by visualizing you being successful or fulfilling your dream and then you create your way by working out early before you can give excuses.

So wake up, get up and get going!

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