Happy Reading (Link Round Up)

Mar 6, 2019 | 0 comments |
Hello Hello! If you are looking for some interesting read this week while you take that coffee break or are bored- this is it.
Of course its random, so pick your read. 
Since Women’s day is right around the corner, thought will start with a read related to women and then just go from there.....here you go. 
  1. Why women quit (hint- related to salary)
  2. Happiness at work 
  3. Working too much, you are not alone
  4. What you should know as a first time manager
  5. How Elon Musk uses time blocking 
  6. if you are an IPhone user, productivity apps
  7. Interesting read on the website that has billion views (related to sports). 
  8. Sometimes you just need to be stubborn
  9. Scrum at Tesla
(Pic courtesy: Google Images)

Happy Weekend

Mar 3, 2019 | 0 comments |
My mornings, specially that of weekends start with watching something from creative world while I sip on coffee. Topics range from cooking (Chef's Table, Mind of a Chef) to generic watching (documentaries) or something specific like this one Abstract- The Art of Design (a series in Netflix). This is turning into a wonderful ritual, specially how wonderful it makes me feel. Good Vibes all the way :)