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I'm an ex-Project Manager who currently moved on to Agile Consulting and this blog is my sounding board. This blog was started in 2008 journal-ling through my project management journey, today it combines both- my passion for all things project management as well as looking into the agile way of transformation and undergoing changes.

Here I write about my experiences, struggles, failures and joys. I also interview, do book reviews and keep you updated.

I usually post twice a week: Monday and Thursday unless I am too caught up which is often these days

If I'm not working; I can be found reading with a cup of tea. I love to read, push the envelope one step further, work on new ideas, experiment, travel and explore life.

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You can reach me at steppingintopm@gmail.com

Weekend Activities

My weekend was different. I missed the lazying around perhaps, however it all ended up pretty well.
That's the table I was part of and what do you see?
Where do you think I was?


If you have read the last post, you know I am trying to start the year right.

While I am excited for February and talking to 2 wonderful people and be part of their journey, I am waiting for conversations for March and April.

However, this post is about the Giveaway that Elizabeth Harrin, Director Otobos Group has been very kind enough to do.

It's getting privileged access to Better Project Status Reports online course. For more details about the giveaway click here -  its the e-book and online course of value £49.

To win it, you can be on the of 6 people I will be talking to OR you can email your story at (steppingintopm at gmail.com). it should be about what inspires you to work harder to become a project manager. Send in your stories by March 30.


If you are part of SIPM or heard of it, told a friend about it- you know that there has always been an interest to give back to the community that has given so much to me.

I am indebted to so many for giving me the opportunity, a second chance, reading my blog, supporting me when I have doubted myself and keeping me inspired- so introducing I AM LISTENING ( to you).

This is a combination of an idea and effort where I open up a slot of 20 minutes (over Skype or Google Hangout) to listen to you from February-April- twice a month.

I would like to just listen in to your stories of –
  • Personal inspiration and struggles to make it in the professional world, even if it’s not project management.
  • I would like to listen if you have had a mentor who has changed your life
  • I would like to know if you have connected with someone using the SIPM platform
  • How has your determination paved your own destiny

I will also take up:
  • Questions on career, growth, job changes, hurdles, mentorship.
  • Connect you/suggest someone can help you along the way

So, for individuals who would like me to LISTEN, please send me an email with the subject line as “I AM LISTENING”, in the body please mention:
  • Your full name
  • Profession
  • Location
  • What you would like me to LISTEN about/Your story
  • Email
  • Your LinkedIn/blog/twitter link (optional)
  • Month you would prefer to connect(Feb-April)

Right now its open from Feb to April, so only 6 people can get the slot. Once I connect with you, I will send a calendar link with open timings and work around a common time between Friday-Sunday.

And I know I will need a lot of help in this as well, so if you are an organization or individual that would like to partner up or help someone as well, feel free to send an email or tweet and we will connect with you. Your subject line in email should be “IAMLISTENING-Partnership”.

This could be as simple as opening up a summer internship opportunity, could be opening for a job, something as simple as giving them a 10 minute slot to connect with you or providing your services of online mentoring, a free giveaway of an online course, a peek into your tool, a 50 percent off on your e-book.

Of course, there’s no charge from my end and I would hope the same for partnering up individuals or organizations. However, if you do decide to charge; please mention the fee for your services in the email.

For IAMLISTENING- Partners, please include:
  • Point of contact’s name
  • Name of Organization you represent
  • Location
  • Website
  • Your email
  • Phone
  • Category of Service
  • Details of service
  • Charges (if any)

If you have questions around this please email(steppingintopmatgmail.com) or tweet (@Soma_b) or facebook me with the hashtag #SIPM

(Pic courtesy: Google images)

My Morning Routine (weekdays)

    My weekday’s mornings like everyone are always structured. Mondays are different from the rest of the week because I prep a bit for the weekend for Monday mornings. I want a stress free start to the week.
    • 7.30 am- wake up. By now I have probably been up twice or thrice at night, sometimes at a stretch depending on Rio. I am not a morning person; however I almost never sleep past this. Starts with getting Rio his bottle, changing diapers, hugging him and then heading to the kitchen.
    • 8.00am- Coffee in hand, I put the brown rice to boil and head to clean up my bed. Rio follows me around the house and sometimes he will be busy with his toys (read cars). I come back to chop veggies and get the brown rice stir fry done- that’s my usual lunch. I have checked my phone by now- emails and whatsapp.
    • 8.30am- Lunch is packed- brown rice stir fry with veggies, a small bowl of salad/yogurt. Breakfast is oats (masala oats) that I will start around now, sometimes with a side of eggs. Meanwhile I will also, go layout my clothes, pack my stuff, go through my office calendar. Some days if I have the time, I will go through my Happiness Diary, may be read through the old pages or sometimes scribble in a line or two.
    • 9.00am- Nanny arrives. Breakfast is ready and I head to the shower. Get dressed and have breakfast. I detail out Rio’s food plans for the day and head out by 9.30
    • 10.30am- I have gone through my emails and replied, had my first cup of tea and have taken the day head on.
    • 11.30am- I try to walk around a little, even if that means walking over to the water cooler or around the floor or sometimes take a flight of steps to be a little more active. I check my phone app-Pacer to see my count of steps and get back to work again.
    This is what most of my weekdays look like, weekends are obviously very different. What’s yours?

    (Pic courtesy: Google Images)                         

    Happy Holidays and a Very Happy New Year 2016.

    It’s the holiday season and I hope you are enjoying the time with your colleagues, friends and family.... winding down, reflecting on the days gone by and moving forward.

    This year has been very different for me, while I have had troubles keeping up with blog at times- I have learned a lot many things professionally. I have also traveled every week for 7 months, coped up with the stress, lived in another city (Mumbai, India), made new friends, busy running after Rio( my son) since he started walking and changed jobs.

    Amidst all of this, I have figured my goals over the years have changed- for me being content (or possibly happy) and having a positive lifestyle is more important. And yes, that’s my goal moving on.

    So, next year will be full of surprises for you as well as for me- and of course some cool giveaways coming up next year. 

    3 things I started in 2015 and would like to continue in 2016:
    •          Happiness journey- I take a step everyday to ensure I am putting in the effort to be happy. Mostly by end of the day I will open up my red diary and scribble a line or two. Sometimes when I am not feeling myself, I will go back and read the diary. I fill it up with positive thoughts. I am not a scrapbook person, but I have to admit I did buy a set of colorful pens to feel perked up doing it. And I love stationery.
    •          Planner- This is very new to me, I have always kept online calendars and reminders for meetings and birthdays like everyone. However sometimes, jotting down things can do wonders too. I like my planner, a simple one, where I divide it into sections and have been trying to keep lists. It’s supposed to free up your mind space. I find it quite productive and relaxing as well. So, yes this is gonna continue.
    •          Transformation-This is all rolled into one, it’s my journey towards positive well being and being happy. I take small steps- like just trying to close my minds and not judge myself ( I wouldn’t call it meditation) because I can’t stop my thoughts. Some days, I will just take a walk after dinner or read something positive, or remove toxicity from my life. I try to read more which is something that took the back burner for the last few months. It depends honestly and I have just started exploring.

    How is it related to project management you ask?

    I say- because YOU will always reflect in your work. If you are mentally way more stable, relaxed and happy- you will do better work. Happiness is a chain reaction. Also, the fact that Happy people pursue the most difficult problems 

    I wish you a very Happy New Year and thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there with me this year.

    I leave you with a snapshot of what I have been doing this holiday season- a pic from the family lunch yesterday:) 

    (Pic courtesy: Soma Bhattacharya)