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This blog was started in 2008 as a journal that I was pretty sure no one would read.

I was into project management and shared my learnings and failures here, since then a lot has happened. These days I live in Hyderabad (India) and work as an Agile Coach.

This space has grown over time and I primarily write about Personal Development and Motivation for Newbies.

When not in office, I am mostly reading, working on my next idea, travelling and exploring life with my 4 year old.

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How to Write your New Years resolution (And ways to keep them)

First things first- Happy new Year to You:)]

The path you choose to take this year is yours and should be yours. 

Hence writing your new years resolution is important. In 2019 you wouldn’t want to start with the mindset where failing is an option. 

So, what do you do? You simply re-write the resolutions. 

  1. Don't keep resolutions open ended statements- Open statements are optional. If the resolutions are optional thats what you want to keep doing. Otherwise, you need to make sure, the resolutions are detailed, with actionable items and tied to timelines. Why....because then you can track your progress along the timelines. So, what do I mean by that- lets say my resolution for 2019 is to travel more. I just don’t write I would like to travel more, I write:
    1. I will be travelling in June, 2019 for 15 days- action items will be planning my leave from work and getting them approved before I buy the tickets or book hotels.
    2. I need to put aside x amount of every month for the next 6 months
    3. I need to start looking for accommodation by march/april and want it near available public transport
    4. I need to get my tickets done by May, so I get a good deal and its not a last minute buy.
    5. Ensure work wise everything is wrapped up by May 20, so I can enjoy the vacation (10 days are my buffer incase something needs my attention)
  2. Resolutions should mean something to you- You really commit when it means something to you. Otherwise its just a list of words and sentences that probably wont see the light of day.  And thats how most people write resolutions. When it means to us, we are more likely to follow it. So rephrase or find the deeper meaning in writing resolutions. you have to connect to your resolution, something thats alive, something that you feel when you write your resolutions.
  3. Should resolutions be kept private or shared- Thats a very common controversy surrounding resolutions or for any change for that matter. I believe whats important is how you handle change. Do you thrive with peoples expectations and get the energy from being around people OR do you value the change so much that you want to keep it private. That sharing looses the sanctity of the change. Find out what your triggers are and may be look back and see why you have failed (if) keeping the resolutions over the years and then see what can you do to change it- that should tell you how you should write your resolution this year.
Bottomline, resolutions should be by you and for you and definitely the one you deeply care about.

Incase, you are not much of a reader you can also find the video on the same topic below:

Happy Holidays

Dec 25, 2018 | 0 comments |
Thank you for supporting SIPM over the years, thank you for being kind. I wish you Happy Holiday Season. 

I will see you next year :)

Gift Giving(recommended books): For your Friends and Family

Dec 3, 2018 | 0 comments |
This is definitely for the reader in your circle, book isn't everyones cup of tea and not everyones enjoys getting one as gift. 

I always do, so I thought I would put a up a mix of books that you can gift depending on the kind of person he or she is. plus I always think its more of a thoughtful gift than handing over gift cards.

  1. The Sleep Revolution- For the workaholic in your life, when you need them to know the importance of taking some time off and sleep. I bought this book on a whim in an airport while travelling and was blown away by the research behind it. I still have the book and haven’t donated or given away. 
  2. Atomic Habits- My recent buy (kindle version), perfect gifting during this holiday season for those who really want to keep up their resolution this year by understanding habits. More about the author and his style of content can be found on his website 
  3. When Breath Becomes Air- The most heartbreaking of reads which kept me awake at nights for a really long time- the reason I kept it in this list is for those people who always complaint and magnify their problems. If you think your problem is killing you, this one will bring in shift of perspective you are looking for. You can only be grateful for your life after you finish reading this one.
  4. The Power of Now- for the philosophical one in your friend circle, this book will make you think and go beyond. I pull this out at times, when I feel under the weather and it always works. 
  5. Possessionis the only fiction in this list. I don’t read fiction as much as I used to now, however every time I think of a good fiction, this has been one of my favorites that was recommended during my university days. To read reviews, click here

    If you are looking for gift ideas for colleagues, try these .

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