Calculative risk- take one. Anyone?

Sep 1, 2009 |
Donald trump himself taught me about it. It’s the best take away money can buy.

So, when something needs to be done and you have waited your turn and outgrown it and nothing seems to work, that’s when you take a calculative risk.

•Analyze- why you should take the risk and not wait another month?
•Check all your facts before taking the plunge.
•You have cross checked all alternatives and they don’t work.
•Be ready to accept that the risk might fall flat and not work and you have to live with the consequence.
•Take the risk, only when you are have strong of chances of getting it done. That way its worth the preparation that you have to take to take the risk
•Go prepared when you take the risk.

So, if you think getting into project management might be a risk (career change/ stream change), prepare for it and then go ahead and take one. Talk to people and instead of waiting for a lifetime on how you should go about doing it- go do it.

Take a calculative risk.