Weakest moments are the strongest lessons

Sep 1, 2009 | |

They can change you forever, only if you can turn around and look into your own eyes and accept that you are afraid.

Being afraid is good.

Always good because you learn that you are not upto the mark for the task which lies ahead of you and that’s one thing that will help you to turn things around.Once you know why you are afraid, go do your favorite activity. Come back when you mind is free and happy and train your mind to understand that you can’t let it happen for ever, so for once- you will have to stand up for yourself and face the fear!

Write down what you think should be done, even if you are scared doing it. Now you have the agenda planned. Think and visualize how you will feel once you have walked over the obstacles that you won’t have to worry about it again. Best part- you will always have the guts to turn another weakest moments.

So why afraid- because it’s always associated to failure. I agree its mind numbing but if you have to get over it, you have to.

Last time, I was scared it took me 3 days to get over it. I found a quotation that I stuck to my purse and saw it everyday till I was ready to do it. I was ready to faint when I had to get it done- so I did it.

Once you have done it once, next time it’s easier. What are you waiting for?

You will never know how it feels, unless you have done it!

(Pic Courtesy: Google Images)