So, what is Project Management?

Aug 25, 2008 |
So, what is Project Management? Ever seen Rachel Ray cook?

30 Minute Meals episodes start with Rachel speaking about what she will be cooking on the show (her deliverables). She talks about (her methodology) how she will start with the pasta and cook her way to the soup.

Once her plans (PM plan) are done and her time set (read 30 minutes), she breaks down her work into manageable tasks (Work break structure)- she carries her sauces and spices (tools), boils, chops and cooks (execution) her dish while keeping her spectators informed (team/stakeholders).

While cooking she verifies her recipe with the requirements she has, e.g. her in-laws like the favor of garlic but doesn’t like to bite into pieces of them. So, after flavoring the oil, she removes them carefully (she knows her clients). 30 minutes later (within time and scope) - she has served in plates and a quick tasting (testing) later, she signs off (end of project).

Now, that was PM for you. Of course in real life projects are a little more complicated than whipping up a tasty dinner! But I hope you got the idea.

So, how do you know that you have the qualities to become a Project Manager? You don’t, I didn’t know I can do it well. Perhaps I’m not even the right person to be discussing it. But what the heck- I’ll share what I have learnt.

Chances are you will flair, if you are-

  • Organized
  • Motivator
  • Creative (handling problems, communication and resources) & Analytic
  • Have the gift of the gab
  • Is calm
  • Can work under pressure
  • Responsible
  • Love new ideas/concepts (software, tools, information)
  • Unbiased leader (Read 10: Unbiased Leadership)

Most importantly you have to love your job and be confident of what you are doing, learn from your seniors and take the extra time to read up.

(Picture : Courtesy Food Network)


Sumit Roy said...

Great Post. The example was brilliant. What I would add on to the 'Unbiased Leader' point is that Leading is a fine balance of influence and authority and they should come in chronologically. Pls keep on posting..