Rational Plan- project management software reviewed

RationalPlan is one of those software’s that you will- like coffee love instantly.

Simply starting out with the software will give you a fair idea about how you will create the entire plan for the project. Like MS project it guides you through the steps. If you are used to planning software’s- this one has a very short learning curve.

Incase you haven’t used one before, please don’t step back. This might be a great opportunity for you dear newbie to learn what planning software’s look like and learn using them for FREE. Download the free version and you get the opportunity to play around with the software and know what Project Managers deal with everyday.

The left navigation bar can be used to navigate among the pages for detailed planning. It includes:

  • Project (Info, notes and links, calendar, assumptions and constraints, Risks)
  • Planning (create Work Break Structure, schedule task, define resources, assign resources, levelresources, define additional)
  • Controlling (update task completion)

One of the best feature is that after assigning resources and allocating them work, you can actually email them about it from right there. I loved it!

You can also navigate within multiple projects the same time by using the drop down projects list feature.

After the final creation of the project and inserting the data, you can click on any of the formats to view the Work Break Structure, Resource View, Task Sheet, Resource Sheet, Client Table etc available on the upper right hand corner.

Having used MS Project and Basecamp, I loved the easiness and the flow of the software and will use it for my future project planning venture. I’ve also heard about Workbench and will try my hands at it as well along with 5pmweb because it looks really fun! So, wait up for those as well

So, here you go Tiberiu (from RationalPlan) and thank you for inviting me to review it.

Picture Courtesy: RationalPlan screenshots

(Disclosure: the opinions regarding the software are entirely mine)


Tiberiu Ghioca said...

No. Thank you, Soma! I am glad that you liked it :) It was my pleasure. Good luck!

Jefferson said...

I read your review. One may also try PlanningForce. I am using it for couple of months its pretty cool.

SIPM said...

@Jefferson- Thanks for stopping by and sharing the tip, will try it for sure. Cheers!

Robert Steele said...

I noticed your experience with project management software. Have you tried other web-based PM such as AtTask? It seems as though web-based project management is a fast growing industry, and a very beneficial tool to companies.