Dress your part

Let me just say this, people take you for who you are on the message you send. Sometimes, more than often it's the dress you wear that does the talking.

Even in the most casual of environments, dressing your part helps. Look for guidelines in the employee manual and just observe. If you are just stepping in, here are few things you should keep in mind:

  • Maintain a clean line when you dress
  • Clean washed hair is expected
  • Use make up but don't overdo it
  • Mind the strength of the perfume
  • Keep your nails clean and filed
  • Use a nice pen if possible at least when meeting clients
  • Even if you are not co-ordinating shoes with your tie or handbag, keep neutral shades for everyday work use.
  • Your business cards should be kept in card holders, so you are not fumbling for them when required
  • When buying shoes with heels, make sure they are not so high that you cant walk straight
  • Neutral and lighter shades are the best bet, if you like something bright, pair it with black or khaki, it always tones down the brightness.
  • Use V-neck sweaters- it shows your shirt collars and looks better than round neck ones.
The list is endless, at least you can create your own now, on what you need for everyday.


Sreejith said...

Hi Soma,
How about the dress code for the Project Managers in process industry and construction (like me!).
The ideal dress code is:
1)Nomex Coverall(Fancy colours with reflector)
2)Helmet with ear muffs
3)Safety goggles
4)Safety Boots
5)Various portable gas sensors
6)An Ex rated mobile phone
8)Makeup - use some sunscreen lotion if you really care about
9)Hair: Dont worry - it wont be visible!
10)Nails : Use leather gloves, they wont expose nails
11)Accessories : A note pad/diary, a heavy duty pen, mini torch (ex rated)

Yes, this is the dress code for the largest community of project managers who build "things" which make "things- for the day to day use of the man kind" !

:) Cheers!

SIPM said...

Sreejith- very interesting and thanks for sharing!

Party Dresses said...

Wow, super-sentient!