Negative influence- get rid of it

Apr 9, 2010 | |
if you like who you are and want to get more from life, your job, tip a little more and get the moon- what is one thing you should completely discard from your life?

Simple- negative influence!

Even if you cant be super-positive about anything, try getting rid of the negativity and you are already feeling better.

Here's what to get rid of to feel better:
  • all the people who pretend to be your friends and question you every move- you are worth more than this.
  • your peers who will ell you to drop the certifications plans, because how much it is worth it- really?
  • relatives who tell you to that you can relax now because what will working so hard get you- you never know, till you try!
  • your boss when downplays your ability- don't let it get to you, he just doesn't want to qualify you by another raise.
  • when you think its time to give up- call your mentor, your best friend, your mom or anyone who believes you more than you believe yourself.
What are you so scared off? Walk past those that don't believe in you and show them what you are made off.

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Advanced Project Management said...

I totally agree with you. Negative attitude influences on our thinking, communication and energy in a way that makes our activities less successful.