Who are you now?

Nov 2, 2010 |
Some days are just ordinary.
Some days don’t happen the way you want them to happen.
Some days are plain old same.

I don’t have a blog post to post and I can’t think of any to write. Sometimes I will just read something and think about it. I’ll think how my life has been and what I have done and what I would love to do.

Some days are far away from project management.

I think loosing focus, letting your dreams go and just reading something for no reason whatsoever is pure joy. No certifications, no proposals, no more work.

Most of our actions are nothing but a way to cover up our insecurities, fear and disappointment. 
What would you do- if you had the money, the life you want and everything you need to keep on going? What will you change? What will happen to your job? 

Will you act differently? Who will you be? Who are you now?

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