This Christmas look into your gifts

Dec 25, 2010 |
This holiday season while you think about the new resolution list and the weight loss and office politics and job hunting and the much awaited salary raise and the calorie intake at family dinners- stop. Take a moment and think about what you really want. 
What are you hoping in life? What makes you happy, what makes you go that extra mile? When was the last time you thought about yourself and not your office self?

We are so busy trying to manage projects and team and globally located teams and their endless problems that we forget why we chose our profession- what made us happy, what made the eyes sparkle, what brought the smile and contentment in life.

This year make the most of the time, respect yourself and make you emotional well being your priority. Look into:  
  • what makes you happy?
  • do you stil have a hobby?
  • when was the last time you took a real vacation?
  • what was the last book you read?
  • what do you do to improve yourself emotionally every year?
  • do you enjoy going to your job everyday? or are you tired and exhausted every morning at the idea of going back to work again?
  • do you feel content with your life?
  • do you make time for your personal life and specially for you?

This Christmas while you open gifts, look back at the years and what has happened, dont regret mistakes instead learn from them and look into the future positively. Take time for you and make time for others to inspire them, help them and grow with them! 

Merry Christmas to you all!
(Pic Courtesy: Google Images)