Week 2- It’s tailored for busy and fast moving professionals

The best feature of this course is that is tailored for fast moving people.

The course comes with options:
•You have the hard copy- the course material and the 5 CD’s.
•You can access the material via the web, so you don’t have to carry around the reading material if you don’t want to.
•Download the files in either audio or video format (in compressed file format) and you can watch it offline as well now. Or upload it in your ipod and carry around with ease.

The Course
The course is available in chapter wise like structure, so you are not all loaded with too much information.  The course if of 4 weeks which means, each week comes with its lectures.
•Week 1- 15 lectures
•Week 2- 8 lectures
•Week 3- lectures
•Week 4- 12 lectures

The video and the textual material compliment each other and so you can move back and forth drilling down the material or referring to the other when in need. 

The videos are usually of shorter duration, precise and narrate the chapter well and in required details. 

I have been trying to log on to the site and then listen to the videos, but since I have been lagging behind (blame the new job), I decided to download the videos so I can listen to them easily.

So, when readers like you comment or mail and let me know that you are waiting for the review because you are interested in this prep course, it does help me. 

For week 1 click here.


Anonymous said...

Hi- I didn't have to pay for the course, see my disclosure in week 1.

You can find the price in their website.

Thank u for stopping by.