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Jun 1, 2012 | |

“I am not rich. I live in a 955 square foot loft in a very small town. My television (which is plugged into a Wii and a Blu Ray player) is about 26″ across, I think. I own one car. Most of my clothes come from the Men’s Wearhouse and Target. I eat well. I won’t deny that (as if my belly would suggest otherwise).

I didn’t get rich quick. Maybe some day after a few more years of working, I can get rich quick. That’d be cool. Like, you know, after 20 years of doing what I do, seeing a check with six zeroes once would be really cool. But that’s not what I do.”
                                                         - Chris Brogan 

Very few of us dare to live the dream, we didn’t set up a goal to travel 193 countries before turning 35 . Our goals are very basic- get a job, buy a car, a home, may be travel and be happy.

In trying to tick off the happiness list, we always look for the path taught to us for years- get your degree, an internship, followed by a job. Work hard, look up and keep moving. Buy bunch of things and don’t think outside the box.

It’s fine, till you get the itch.

That’s when things start changing and more often than not we suppress it. Taking the decision to be unconventional might be terrifying but refreshing for the people who see it from outside, like reading how Scott H Young is completing his MIT challenge . Or people like Jenny Blake, who have quit their job at Google to follow their own passion.

“The thought of going out on my own struck TERROR in my heart — and yet, once I made the decision I knew with 100% certainty that it’s the right thing to do. I’m still scared, but mostly hopeful and excited.”
                                                                                         - Jenny Blake

Sure, you can follow your calling and fail or you can try to dominate the world with your brilliant ideas  but there’s always this fear of the unknown. What if it doesn't take off, what is something goes wrong, what if I am not good enough. Rarely are we risk takers (take your risk assessment here).

So, they say : “Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision.” - Peter Drucker

So, what are you doing with your life? Are you happy, do you feel fulfilled in your job, your everyday life or do you get the itch- to get out there and do something more.

You can scratch the itch along with your regular life, if you like to play it safe or you can just go out there and do what you have been planning to do all your life.

In most cases than not, things do figure out for themselves. Step out today.

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