Fish Philosophy

Dec 2, 2013 | |
Last week  I spoke in Agile Tour Hyderabad, traveled for work and came back home with fever and cold.
2 days later I was happily back at office though still sick. Loving what you do is the best way to keep yourself inspired.

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I think so much has been said about the fish philosophy already, there’s not really much to say about it. The core belief is perhaps the same: enjoy the work you do and be involved in it because it shows.

It’s much easier to spot people who don’t like what they do than it’s to spot people who don’t enjoy their work. And no matter what you are, unless you enjoy your work, you will find it increasingly difficult to inspire others.

Given below is a short video of the Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle, spot their energy, love of work and their unique ways to keep onlookers happy and involved.


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