Guilty as charged

May 8, 2014 |
I multitask and can do it well. Really well.

I put hours at work, I blog, I write, meet lovely friends, keep in touch with everybody and barely give anyone the chance to complaint.

The last few months, I have stopped multitasking. Not really deliberately, it just happened. Work was crazy and by the time I was home I didn't feel like doing hundred more things. I wanted time for myself, sometimes doing nothing.

And I felt guilty, especially about not being able to meet friends or writing my blog like I used to do. I wanted to be away from my laptop. I even stopped browsing. I stepped away.

I probably haven been writing but every day I am full of guilt that I haven’t been doing what I should have. I see other bloggers or professionals who are doing well, so inspired, so full of energy and I still don’t feel like writing.

It could be writers block, it could be doing the same thing for so many years now or it can be just wanting some time for myself.

Today, I browsed through some articles and wanted to know if there are more people like me who feel the same. Or am I just losing my fire?  

I read about mothers feeling guilt , about difference in the way men and women approach work  and multitude of other stuff.

Bottom-line, yes we should be responsible in what we do but I just feel sometimes it’s okay to do random stuff out of the daily routine. It’s okay to want some time for yourself to get recharged and then be back or choose not to be. Enough of guilt!

So yes I have been spending some time doing nothing except regular work. And to my all my readers if you have expected articles and seen the same one and no new updates over and over again- I was busy in my balcony looking at the mango tree and sky and birds. I was spending more time with myself than with anything else, definitely not my laptop.  

Have you been through same situations may be in different context?

I am hoping I will be writing very soon, but bear with me if it takes time- blogging is tough.  Meanwhile enjoy your schedule and what you are happy doing and if you are not- take a break minus the guilt.  It will certainly help!

(Pic Courtesy: Soma)


Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to you. I hear myself in what you wrote. And those moments--on the subway home after a frenetic day when I don't want to read blog posts on my phone, or think about a coaching problem, or go through email on my computer--when all I want to do is stare off into space, I remember that it's perfectly okay to just breathe and be. Don't feel guilty! Given your bias to do so much, it would probably be impossible for you to give yourself too much time.

Funny thing: lower on this comment page, by the recaptcha image, it says "Please prove you're not a robot." So, I say to you: take a justified break to breathe and to prove you're not a robot. :)

SIPM said...

Thank you so much for the comment, it made me smile. My best friend tells me the same that I have been too robotic and surrounded myself with too much work.

So,yes I have randomly taken a break and every night when I think of the blog that I should get back to writing I feel myself gravitating towards magazines and nothingness.

So, here's to blankness!

Derek Davidson, PST said...

I completely agree that blogging is tough. I also find it difficult to motivate myself to write sometimes.

But your article contains a statement that I feel at odds with, especially as it's an area of particular interest to me. It's to do with multi-tasking.

Truth is, I don't think ANY of us are good at multi-tasking. We'd like to think we are but, we're not. It's highly prevalent in software teams and it's been proved to be a massive productivity loser.

Can I refer you to this article: It's both a written and video article and it talks directly to the time we lose in switching from one task to another and how it ultimately harms productivity.

I'd be really interested in your thoughts on the content. I *hope* it might serve as a catalyst to give you some of your time back.