My Morning Routine (weekdays)

Jan 1, 2016 | |

    My weekday’s mornings like everyone are always structured. Mondays are different from the rest of the week because I prep a bit for the weekend for Monday mornings. I want a stress free start to the week.
    • 7.30 am- wake up. By now I have probably been up twice or thrice at night, sometimes at a stretch depending on Rio. I am not a morning person; however I almost never sleep past this. Starts with getting Rio his bottle, changing diapers, hugging him and then heading to the kitchen.
    • 8.00am- Coffee in hand, I put the brown rice to boil and head to clean up my bed. Rio follows me around the house and sometimes he will be busy with his toys (read cars). I come back to chop veggies and get the brown rice stir fry done- that’s my usual lunch. I have checked my phone by now- emails and whatsapp.
    • 8.30am- Lunch is packed- brown rice stir fry with veggies, a small bowl of salad/yogurt. Breakfast is oats (masala oats) that I will start around now, sometimes with a side of eggs. Meanwhile I will also, go layout my clothes, pack my stuff, go through my office calendar. Some days if I have the time, I will go through my Happiness Diary, may be read through the old pages or sometimes scribble in a line or two.
    • 9.00am- Nanny arrives. Breakfast is ready and I head to the shower. Get dressed and have breakfast. I detail out Rio’s food plans for the day and head out by 9.30
    • 10.30am- I have gone through my emails and replied, had my first cup of tea and have taken the day head on.
    • 11.30am- I try to walk around a little, even if that means walking over to the water cooler or around the floor or sometimes take a flight of steps to be a little more active. I check my phone app-Pacer to see my count of steps and get back to work again.
    This is what most of my weekdays look like, weekends are obviously very different. What’s yours?

    (Pic courtesy: Google Images)