4 things I will be doing this year

Jan 7, 2018 |
Happy New Year to you. And while I am back in town and done with my 3 weeks of travel, there's always the resolutions to plan for.

Create Better Content- The plans are lofty and this means I have to keep the consistency going and plans effective. That's work in itself. I want to be more creative with my content which means learning new skills to ensure I can present my idea better.
So,if I have to ensure that I don't wall off the wagon and fail the resolution, here’s way to train and rewire your subconscious mind to the goal 

Be Mindful of my Health- Last year i have been consistent about exercising and eating right the most I have ever been and have seen the benefits first hand.This year, I hope to continue the journey and read and learn more. The only way that works for me to keep me motivated is to watch people talking about their health and lifestyle.

Get Better at Finance- This is a new terrain for me, I have done this on and off and I am not good at this at all. I dont read up much on managing personal finance and I always assumed it will take care of itself. The only content I watch is the TFD  and while I do enjoy the content, I want to get a little bit serious about it and give it a shot.

De-clutter and Decor-This last one is personal, I have been thinking about redoing the the apartment and this is the year for it to get the face lift. I also realised recently how much of clutter I have carried around and accumulated over the years. So, major decluttering will happen sooner than later.

How are you handling your New Year so far?

(Pic courtesy: Soma Bhattacharya)