Articles to Read this Month

May 28, 2018 |

Here are list of some of the article I read this month and enjoyed it, so thought I would  share.
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  1. How a genius thinks and works is a rather interesting read with a cup of your favorite tea.
  2. If like everybody else, you are looking forward to happiness, this one is for you
  3. The journey from east coast to Kilimanjaro, one woman's tale to do the impossible. 
  4. If you are the creative who is always looking fr the next big idea, clearly creative abrasion works and hers how 
  5. Like everyone else, if you are caught by the wellness bug if  and looking for some great reads, here’s an entire list just for you.
  6. Want to turn yourself to a focused individual, see the ways you can get ahead in the race.
  7. How your rival can make you better hear it from none other than Federer himself. 

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