Using Technology: Easy Communication with Remote Co-workers or Employees

Sep 30, 2019 |
The working world is forever changing, but it has probably changed more in the past twenty years than it has in most other periods of history. 

Thanks to the internet, people don’t have to physically be in a location to work (for some jobs at least); they can do it from wherever they happen to be. This is excellent if you’re an employer or a start up or hustling since you’re able to dip into the global talent pool, rather than simply being restricted to whoever is available nearby. But it can cause some issues. When you’re not face to face, there can be problems with closeness and productivity. 

Below, we take a look at a few ways you can make sure that everyone is on the same page. 

Setting Expectations

In a regular office environment, it’s usually easy for new employees to fall into step with the rhythm of the company. When there is no office environment, this is more difficult, and the co-worker/employee can’t be to blame if they’re on a different wavelength. You can keep everything running smoothly by clearly stating your expectations and the general company culture before the employee comes on board. They’ll know what’s expected of them, which will reduce confusion.

Regular Video Chats

You may not have the opportunity to hang out in the same city, but, thanks to technology, you can do the next best thing: host video meetings. It’s a good idea to host weekly meetings (or daily, depending on how much you need to talk) just to bring everyone together. It can be as much about bonding as about discussing the work. Make sure everyone’s got Skype or Google Hangouts, and find a time during the day that suits everyone (especially if they’re in a different time zone). 

Files Access

While you might not have a regular office, it’s important that you’re functioning as if you do. In a normal working environment, everyone can access the files and documents they need without delay. You too can have this, though it’ll need a little bit of work. For your regular files, you’ll probably be able to get away with cloud storage. For your bigger files (such as videos), it’ll be best to host them in a torrent file, which your staff will need a torrent downloader for Mac to access. As well as making all your files available online, you’ll need to remind your staff to upload the documents they’re working on too. This way, everyone in the organization can be kept up to date. 

Keep them Engaged

Traditional companies can have problems with staff engagement, so it’s normal that there can be problems with remote workers. To keep everyone on the same page, you’ll have to work extra hard to keep your team engaged. You can do this by paying them well, offering incentives, and making sure they know that they’re valued. You should make yourself available to chat should they need to, as well. 

Is there any tip you would like to share, don’t hesitate in leaving a comment below is something has worked for you. 

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