Lifestyle| Good reads, my plans during lockdown and view from my terrace

May 17, 2020 | |
I hope you are doing well. 

View from my terrace
I have been in home for almost 2 months now, stepped out only once a week to walk in terrace and get back again in the space that now serves as both office and home. 

I have always felt I worked better a home- lesser distractions, more deep work and control over my time. In the last 2 months, work and life has finally met each other and thats heres to stay for next couple of more months. 

I have been handling it okay except for the occasional outburst because my kid is also stuck at home like so many others for 2 moths now. Sometimes handling everything is tough. 

Yet I am grateful that my problems seems so small right now. So, I am doing what I always thought I will do- take up more because I am at home :)

So, I have been reading few more books than I usually do (last 2 Kindle downloads have been Year without Pants- get your free kindle download And Motivation Hacker). I have signed up for e-courses in Udemy and Skillshare. I am utilising that big elephant in the room (read...treadmill). I started another blog focussed on motivation and creativity like I could belch out more content  because I wasn't stepping out of home. And of course the YouTube channel for which I have high hopes :)

Managing it all hasn't been easy and if I may say so myself being an introvert locked down in home should be fabulous, however in this case its been a chaos of too many things fighting for my attention. 

So today I have reserved some time for myself so get my act together, re-evaluate my time management and look at things I can do weekly vs what I can do monthly. How has it been for you?

Wanted to stop by and check on you and here are few things I read most recently. If you like them feel free to continue reading....

Read something interesting or found a way to make your life more inserting during this lockdown period, feel free to share and let me know.

Till next one, stay safe and stay home. 

(Pic courtesy: Soma B)