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Jun 25, 2020 | |
The world is going through trying times during this pandemic and we all are adapting to it in our own way.

For a lot of us the work location has changed from office to home, however there are still deliverables happening, teams working together via video calls and other collaborative platforms and yes everyone handling more than ever.

 And with all of this there’s stress and there’s no denying that.
Stress during these trying times

Work life balance is probably being truly tested with schools going online and kids at home. As if handling work from home continuously for the last 3 months or more wasn’t enough, there’s kids to be handled who haven’t been outside in a while, haven’t met their friends and energy is at all time high.

Self care could be written over and over during these times, frankly there’s barely enough time to even think about it. In times like these, here are four simple ways to put your mental and physical health first.

Identify Your Triggers

We all are different and unique in our own ways, so is our stress triggers. This is the key to not only handle stress well but even for your own personal growth. Understanding, identifying and working with these triggers can be a life saver where there’s enough to handle already. Tonight get yourself into the comfy nook and take 5 minutes to think about situations when you got mad or irritated and why. Or you can also hop over to Web MD to learn more on the common triggers.

Search For Shortcuts

In times like this, efficiency is the key. Getting things done correctly and in the right timeframe can mean getting rid of re-works. Just because your home is your new office, doesn’t mean you need to be glued to your laptop 24/7.  Ensuring you have the right set up for your home office is essential and so are the required software. Whether an employee or a freelancer look at multiple options in the market right now and templafy could be one of them. To know more  visit I know I personally use templates as much as possible whether its for office/team reports to designing social media posts. It's all about finding time for life and getting done as much as possible with the right help.


Delegation is an art. We all think we can do it better than another. At some point in our career we need to delegate like a freelancer building her business, an individual contributor becoming a manager, a small business owner suddenly scaling up- we need to trust someone, train someone and empower someone else to get the work done. This can mean less pressure and stress on you and more time for you to work on essentials and strategies.
Try out of the box activities that you can do at home as tress busters
Invest In Out of the Box Activities

Picking up a new hobby is one of those natural stress busters. They not only take out of the work stress, they allow you to get into the zone of things you love doing. Simple things like pottery, taking off for think weeks (take off from work and plan it at home), going for runs or gardening are some easy ways to relax and also give yourself the deserving break. I recently watched a YouTube video where the video creator talks about taking off  from his work and the city to get his perspective back and really doing nothing on those vacation days. Well travelling might not be a possibility right now, simply doing nothing at home or learning a new skill can work perfectly too.

How has it been for you recently? Is it more stressful or have you figured a way around it?

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