Nov 24, 2020 | |

 Its been a while since I posted here. 

November has been a month of celebrations. Dussehra, Diwali and wrapping up the month with Thanksgiving coming up soon. 

Even amid the chaos and not being able to be with friends and family, festivals still have been a highlight. A little glimpse of hope and rest with a day off. I hope you had the same. 

Working from home and then managing work and family, balancing it out with blogs and Youtube hasn't been easy. However this year I plan to not take me for the guilt ride which I usually do. 

I did take a few days off randomly in November just to take it slow, organize my life and do a digital detox.  I posted a video on it and you can watch it below. If you are more of a reader, link is here.

Stay safe and see you soon.