5 New Goals for 2009

Jan 7, 2009 | |

It's New Year and I haven't posted yet.

There are five important changes this year-
  • I'm travelling public (on a try-it-out mode) and it's been ok.
  • Reading a book/week and learning something new everyday
  • Re-organizing and re-structuring my life to do a lot more. Finding out time saving tips and generally keeping myself happy. Being positive is important. 
  • Of course Projects- I'm handling projects under the supervision of the Senior Project Manager and I want to do a good job at it. New Year came loaded with more responsibilities which is something I'm happy about.
  • Getting fitter (Comes with public travelling, you tend to walk more and I keep time to medidate and exercise)
Since, I will be reading a lot this year I'm looking forward to post my 5 favorite links related to PM and Non- PM readings at the end of each month. 

To save some of your time, I decided to enable the "subscribe by email" feature. Now you don't have to visit my site to review the postings, it just gets delivered to you.

(Picture: flickr.com)