Learning basics of database

Jan 12, 2009 | |
This year I will push the envelope a little more and I started it with learning database designing. 

I think having a good idea about the knowledge areas are required for a PM to be successful and understand and handle the project better. Since I work in IT- it was database time.

Things I did to learn database-
  • I told everyone that I was interested in learning about database.
  • The guy who handles databases the best (and a good friend) agrees to help me out.
  • So, he gives me a problem and I try thinking about it.
  • Next day- he explains me further and shows me how to start conceptualizing about it and excel is a great help. I implement the basics in a table format in excel- I get the basics correct.
  • I'm told to read Codds Law
  • I'm supposed to map out the relations among the tables- which I will get done today.
The bottomline is- if you are really determined in what you want make sure you learn as much as possible. No one said it would be easy, if you willing to learn it- work hard at it. So, whoever is helping you out is also encouraged by your genuine interest and learning pace.

(Picture: Google images)