Are you feeling down today?

May 12, 2009 | |

Have you heard the news once again or taken a cold shoulder from your best buddy? Your boss doesn’t like you anymore and you are at the receiving end of all wraths from your team members?

Stop. Breathe. Calm down.

We all have our downtime, whether we talk about it or not. Life in the world of project management or otherwise is not sans emotions infact it’s loaded with it.

Learn to tackle negativity-

  • Let go- stop criticizing yourself because someone said you are not good enough
  • Quit- not your job, but the forces that drag you behind
  • Laugh- with your friends over pop corn and a funny movie
  • Identify- the problem and see if you can tackle it better
  • Evolve- to a positive person
  • Read- happiness blogs
  • Create- a positive environment
  • Never- give up
  • Awaken- to your life’s purpose and go ahead and do it
  • Realize- downtime will come and how you handle is what your future will be
I'll be taking a break to smell the flowers and enjoy life and will be back with more to blog from June. Till then stay happy and happy project management everyone!

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Antara said...

I guess one of the best ways to do away with downtime is by accepting it. We by nature believe that we can avoid negative experiences from our lives which all the more ridicules us.
The moment we accept the setbacks and try to rise above them, they hurt us no more.

Unknown said...

Such good advice, especially taking a break with friends to do something fun. Hope you have a nice break Soma!

xo Mary Jo

brishti said...

i think,Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact.