Steppingintopm is back

Jun 1, 2009 | |

I’m back and thank you for visiting my blog!

If you have noticed, my blog has a registered domain name now- . Hurray! I wanted to celebrate my one year of blogging (June 13) so after much deliberation I got myself a domain. Of course with the new domain, my hard earned page rank of 3 went poof.

Nope, I didn’t take a vacation from work; I was here all the time working and reading blogs, sites and New York Times like always. I did spend some time with my family, enjoyed with my sister who visited for 10 days from London, watched movies, went shopping and finally have my new schedule working for me. Yes, I am exercising every morning. It was about time!

The break seemed great and I spent as much as possible offline trying out new ideas, going for walks and enjoying the rain.

Here are some links you can visit, while I get ready with my regular posts:

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