Why it’s hard being a newbie?

Obviously because no one will take you seriously.

People are hesitant to give you the chance to whip up a really nice project. They will always blame your inexperienced soul, your lack of domain knowledge, your inability to handle deadline and pressure.

I know. Newbies might not have 16 years of experience behind them but they sure have the new technology, the zeal to work harder and flame to learn more. Try that.

So, if you are having a hard time getting a spot in the team:

  • Observe well. Swoop down on every opportunity to volunteer for extra work.
  • Get the best mentor possible and use your persuasion skills to convince them that you are here for real- to be a project manager.
  • When you are pushed to the sidelines, work harder. Finish your assigned task and dive deeper into projects. Read through project documents if you get nothing else.
  • Start a blog. It can turn people around- write truly, honestly and on what you can. Now they know you are into it and want to grow.
  • Don’t take a NO personally. It’s just that most people don’t want to spend the time to train you; they would rather do it themselves. Persistence pays.
  • Stick around. Be there. Listen to client calls, meeting updates, anything really. Try taking meeting notes.
  • Read about terminologies, technology, clients- anything that will help you understand the next conversation better. Scribble the technical jargon you don't understand that you overheard two seniors talking about to "search" them later and learn about.
  • Get along yet be professional. It’s important to be objective as well. Know where to draw the line.
  • Never give up because it’s not happening right now. It will because you won't give up.
  • Do the right thing. Don’t get involved in politics or back door policy to get what you want. It will backfire.
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Unknown said...

I know it's really hard to be a newbie.... I like what you said.