Working in a Global Setting - II

If you are in technology chances are you have or will work with a multicultural team who are perhaps located miles away at some point.

Either they are part of your team or work has been outsourced.


 They are here because they are part of the team and want to help as much as you do
 Clear instructions help when working miles away. So, when work is delegated ensure you have mentioned what is required, when and how you want it delivered.
 Try listening when they come up with issues and being in their shoes.
 Distance can be a major factor, so overlapping times for meetings might be necessary.
 They are emotional. Bonding as one human to another might help, instead of focusing only as colleagues.
 Communication gap will be the source of discontent. Conversations/phone calls should be given priority over emails if traveling onsite/offsite doesn’t seem a feasible option during the recession period.
 Fairness matters
 Don’t take things for granted, please re-confirm.
 Recognition for special initiation or delivery encourages everyone to pitch in or contribute to the best of their ability.
 Understand the regional politics and try to keep it minimal. Lesser the better.
 Beware of the cultural taboos when conversing with the counterpart from other nations.

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Bas said...

Hi Soma,

I love this series. And you write it from experience! Great stuff.

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Glad you post again :)


SIPM said...

Hi Bas,

It wonderful hearing from you as always.

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