What you didnt know about blogging

Jun 23, 2009 |
That it takes a lot of consistency to blog.

Writing is the easiest part of it. You have started blogging because you like writing and the topic you talk about.

Writing 2-3 times a week for years is not easy. At some point you might feel not so inspired because you are not getting feedbacks from readers or well wishers and you still have to continue.

It's hard reaching out to the core group of bloggers writing on the same topic. You are working on your blog every single day and no one is reading it. How maddening would that be?

Before starting out you should know: If you started your blog with a target or are you simply writing for the love of it on topics ranging from your first car to your first job?

Who are your visitors? What do they want from your blog?

Blogging is fun but doing it day after day will take zeal, new ideas, killing procastination and waking up to the fact that your voice can reach millions for real!