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2020- Whats in it for us?

Hi and thank you for stopping by. 

2020 has been good start. This is the year I am looking forward to amazing opportunities and life. 

This year the blog will focus on three things: Personal Development, Happiness and Creativity. And yes it will have occasional updates on the process side of project management or Agile. 

No matter what your choice of profession is; these 3 are the basic foundations- personal development, creativity and happiness. 

So, what will I be doing differently now? Every post title comes with a pre-fix of which category it belongs to. So you can choose to read the post or not.

Based on what I write here, my others streams of self expression/social platform will be of aligned as well. Heres how:

YouTube- I started it as a self-learning and experimentation platform for me. This channel is focussed on exactly the same theme as the blog. The goal is obviously to reach out more with the content. 2019 was a great learning for me in this platform. So, postings here are 2-3/month. This year, I hope I can regularize it a bit more and bring in more content. Your support means a lot.

Pinterest- This is my mood board, learnings, vision board. There’s one board that specifically aligns with this blog in the personal development space and that’s called “INSPIRATION”. If you have the same interest like mine and want a little more push everyday- the board might be just the one. 

Instagram- This was a visual journal for me, personal and just for me. Overtime this stays personal but open to public. From 2020, posts are 2 a week- Monday on Motivation and weekends  a little more personalised J
Twitter- This has been a sore point because I haven’t been as active as I used to be. I will let you know if I really get back on this. For now, I post sometimes, retweet and read up once in a while. 

Facebook-  And the SIPM Page gets a post 1-3/month. I have to rethink how I will interact here, but generally I created the page to repost the blog’s content….however from now on I think I will start posting other interesting links also here. There’s so much to learn, that the platform can be used for sharing amazing works and reads by others. Let me know what do you think? Would you like that? 

That’s my plan for 2020 and thank you once again for being part of this community.  

Not a Regular Post (heart to heart talk)

Sep 17, 2018 | | 0 comments |
If you have been reading this blog for a while I am sure you have noticed that there have been a few changes in the blog. If you are relatively new to the blog, very grateful that you stopped by and decided to be part of this community.

As you know I have been writing this blog for the last 10 years ( to read my first post- click here) and I don’t have a team, I do it all alone. So, when my schedule gets busy am sure you notice the posts stop or are barely there. So, if you are still there as a reader I cant be more thankful for being so kind and understanding that sometime it gets difficult for me to sustain the posts. 

The blog started as a hobby, as a means for me to vent out my emotions, my failures and sometime success. For the last 10 years I have continued this and started another and this year I have realised the even with all things happening around me wether its moving or having my kid I still love coming back to this blog and writing. The free time that I once had is limited now, and I genuinely want to continue. 

So, the thought automatically was- what next? Can I really do this seriously enough where I know I can sustain the blog and every other expense doesn’t need to come from my pocket (like the domain, hosting, hiring a designer or developer when I need to)? Coincidentally I was the same time reading blogs and income reports of so many bloggers who are successful at generating their income from their blog and creating something of their own. 

Last month was the first month, I wanted to try. The design of the blog was changed- it was very simple. Then there was decluttering, followed by adding new sections. The goal was simple to ensure the blog gave more value to the reader. It wasn’t just for me anymore, it was being created for you. 

Last month I had my first ad in the blog, I have never put one before. I wasn’t sure if it would be taken positively by you, I gave it a shot because I had to try. I don’t know how many advertisers I will have…. What I do know is I try my best to work with a brand that adds value to the blog and helps me sustain as well. 

I also got into Affiliate Marketing for the first time, it was exciting to be working and learning with amazing people and the fact that all income reports coming from blogs mentioned affiliate marketing income was the highest sources of income. I am trying and hence some ads in the blog now. 

Before everything else, its the blog and the content that needs to be created consistently. I also have a master sheet for my blog right now, for the first time in my ten years of blogging because I am trying to remember multiple things that I am doing and also plan a little ahead so I don’t miss a post. 

The focus of the blog has also gone through some major changes and I rarely write about Project Management right now. This is because I don’t work directly in Project Management any longer. I currently work as an Agile Coach. I have noticed over the years that apart form my interests in the domains I have worked in, I have always loved reading about personal development, psychology and similar things. And no matter your domain and job title these are things that everyone reads or should know to be successful in their career. My focus has shifted for the blog and it mostly focuses on personality development and I like the fact that the writings can be much more personal, so are the interviews. For me its fascinating to see people grow through the years and what they did to achieve that than knowing their specific titles and not the story behind it. So, I do hope that you will like and enjoy this new shift. 

There are mostly three posts happening on a week- Monday, Thursday and Saturday. This also means my twitter presences has a dipped a bit, theres now Instagram and YouTube happening. If you must know I use my social accounts for different purposes, not always to promote the blog. 

Twitter is mostly for me to read the latest articles and researches coming out. My article round offs which I also recently started are mostly sourced from there. Instagram is my creative outlet and a visual diary for me that shares my real life and behind the scenes; like I posted about the tomato blooming in my balcony garden… something I will not post in twitter. Youtube is a scary venture that I recently started to shift my mindset, when you focus on learning something new the energy is more focused than trying to sabotage ways of not doing it. I enjoy watching YouTube, I love creating so it was a natural match (in my head). Filming and editing and actually publishing it is scary because I am always thinking that no one will watch it :)

Are you still reading, well theres another thing coming up very soon. And thats the SIPM Executive Club Membership- its a newsletter that you can sign up by clicking here (you get a special offer when you sign up for the next 20 days only) you get to know about anything new thats coming up, you also will be the first to be notified about offers and discounts when I work with other collaborators. You will not be spammed and can unsubscribe at any point if it doesn’t suit you. 

I feel refreshed and energised; now that I know I really want to work towards this blog to the point where I can sustain it independently. I hope you share the excitement and let me know how you feel about this shift and this journey. 

I wanted this post to tell how how thankful I am for you to read my blog  and support it everyday....I just had to tell it to you. 

(Pic courtesy: Google pic for the first one, rest by Soma Bhattacharya)

Whats going on: updates, blog, life and more

Feb 23, 2018 | | 0 comments |

Blog-I hav been blogging for a while now and over the time I realised my interests have grown with me and there are more things that i do or are interested in than when I started the blog years ago.

I also now know that to bring our best version to work, the inner state of mind is way more important than how many certifications we have for the job. There's more research and publication now readily available to understand that and that's where I have been investing my time in terms of reading.

I also wasn't quiet sure, how I would like to the blog to shape up and grow with me.......while I enjoy what I do, i would also like to bring more of the inner game here, so you grow with me via the blog.
I think what it would really be, is to have a theme or category in the publications and undertake various things in it. Basically, more of a lifestyle blog for the professionals.

Life- I started this year with returning from a lovely vacation and have taken the time to sort my head. There were days, I wanted to know what more can I offer to my work life, there are days i went to bed at 7.30pm (for almost  a month) because I felt tired and fidgety because i wasn't sorted. So i slept.... in the process of trying to know myself through readings, listening to some great stuff over the web and ideating and scribbling and doing nothing- i now know what I really want to do.

SIPM- the platform where mentors and mentees can meet has been down for a while now. I really wanted to give back to the community that has done so much for me and thats why I had created that platform with the help of my friends. I also thought it would be  a great setup to have a platform where anyone could have a mentor from anywhere in the world and you don' have to write hundreds of emails to do that. Thats why mentors signed up, professionals  who were also interested in giving back  and signed up saying I would love to mentor. I didn't make a dime out of it perhaps because I never considered it to be a business model and I know a lot of you have used it over the years and I couldn't be more thankful. I created for you, what I wish I had for me when I was starting out.

It also means that I have to keep on investing on it and with a lot going on now I am not sure if I really have the time to dedicate my time towards it. At one point i was ready to announce for anyone else to take it over and do  better marketing about the wonderful site than I have done.  For now its on hold, I havent fixed the website and I am rethinking. Would you like it to come back?

Others- there are other smaller interests that are cropping up and I am not sure if I can manage the time to invest myself in all of it it, I will give it a bit more of time and then probably take the final call. However, what I do know is that I would love to be more involved with my audience, people like you who have been reading the blog for a while now. It could be actually getting serious with my youtube channel, or creating a series of coaching sessions, a book and launching products that inspires all of us to look inward and find our inner game.

Has this New Year been different for you?

(Pic courtesy: Soma Bhattacharya, Paris 2017)

Aug Wrap Up

I hope you have been doing great this month, mine has been a mish mash. While work has gotten me busier and happier with more challenging stuff everyday; my personal life has become more and more difficult to manage. My son started day care and he falls sick more often than before.

I have been trying meditation and some quiet time (if I am lucky to manage some), trying to keep sane. I think often to connect with my mentors, honestly, there’s barely anytime to even write emails. However, I have signed up for more learning (via Coursera-Standfords- Organizations Analysis), reading more books and even as a joke and dare I recorded my first YouTube (its so awful that I won’t even link it here). However I know there’s more learning coming up as I dabble in editing and understanding how to make a YouTube video and very proud to put myself out there when I know it isn’t going to be perfect.

To wrap up this month for you, here are some of the highlights, I hope you enjoy.

Good Reads (Blogs)

 New Books:

Finally, a book that changed me: When Breath Becomes Air

(PicCourtesy: Soma Bhattacharya)

Best of 2016: Moving Foward

2016 has been a tough year for me, it has tested me in every possible way and yet I am thankful that I have survived. The  journey taught me a lot and I thought I will share with you some of my favorite things I have discovered last year that I intend to carry forward with me to 2017.

I have realized being organized helps me declutter and empty up my head space and it's a big relief. So, I have spent the last 2 months doing exactly that- sorting out my brain.

Here are some of the things I have enjoyed, I hope you like them and let me know what was yours.

Best Apps
  • Evernote (productivity and organization)- I use this to bookmark links or upload documents primarily for work or blog.
  • Big Basket (online grocery- India)- saves me from the traffic in Indian roads. 
  • Canva (design and content creation)- I use this for creating posters and banners that I use in the blog or in my social media channels.
  • Pinterest (visual board)- its the last thing I browse before bed, I love beautiful things (or pictures)
  • Omvana (meditation) - I discovered it very recently after reading the Code of the Extraordinary Mind
  • Noteboard- chrome extension (efficiency and productivity)- good place to jot down my lists and goals plus I like the feel of a cork board.

Best Gadgets
  • Garmin Activity Tracker (physical fitness)- if you have read my post on 5 Years- Thats how long it took you know what I am talking about. This helps plus I love the reminder to Move!
  • Wireless speaker/headphone  (music, phone calls)- I have carried it with me when travelling to cient sites. When you are contantly living out of a suitcase it helps to have a familiar routine, even if that means listening to a familiar soundtrack. 

Best  Blogs

Best of SIPM Posts

Pic Courtesy: pinterest
Some of the links used are Amazon affiliate links, it helps me keep this site running if you happen to buy the products using the link. Thank you.

10 steps to become a Project Management Blogger

Have you been thinking of starting your own blog? Have you been looking for avenues to jazz up your profile, create your own brand and start developing your network?

Blogging is a great way to enhance your skills, get access for  product reviews, latest books and new software's plus grow your network globally.

Learn all about blogging, the secrets that get you the attention, how to start writing and keep up with the schedule PLUS a free hand book with additional resources to keep you motivated and going.

Hands on training to start your blog during the webinar in a blogger platform (free) and get done with your first post.

Day 1 (duration: 1 hours)

  • Step 1- why should you blog?
  • Step 2- what should you blog about? (remember project management is a huge domain)
  • Step 3- who are your competitors?
  • Step 4: What should your blog include?
  • Step 5- How to decide on your target audience?
Day 2 (duration: 1 hour)
  • Step 6- start your own blog
  • Step 7- write your first post
  • Step 8- accessorize your blog
  • Step 9- maintain and keep writing
  • Step 10- monetize it.

To signup for the class, please click on the link here to pay only $19.99 and get blogging immediately.

Which one to read?

Blogging has become such mainstream these days, it’s difficult to know which one to read?

To top it, every blog has a blogroll that they include mentioning their favourite blogs. So, how do you know if their choice is aligned to yours?

You don’t.

Here are 5 things you need to know about yourself before selecting which one to follow:

·What are you looking for- Why are you planning to read blogs? What purpose do you hope it will service. Once you have that nailed, the rest is really easy, go through them all and bookmark the ones that seems work for you. You can always narrow it down further.

·Which country are you from- Typically with so much communication going on these days, things are global. So, why does your location matter? Well, you see project management in US is very different from project management in India, so location matters. While zeroing down the final blog list, keep a mix of local as well as global if you can.

·What stage is your career at- If you are in a mid-career level, look for blogs that are written by similar people or higher. You definitely don’t want to read the blogs for fresh out college kind. However, sometimes these blogs do bring in a fresh perspective that will allow you to handle and work better with your junior colleagues 

·Your goal- what is your goal? What do you see yourself as? The best option is to follow blogs of people who have your dream job. It’s a great career investment to spend time reading on what impediments you are likely to face or what your skill set should be.

·What you like- At the end of the day, you have to like what you read. Some blogs have great information but the style of writing doesn’t click with you. So, make sure you really like what you read. More you like it, more you’ll read. 

Happy Learning!

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This July is special.

3 years ago I started this blog. Here is my first post from 2008:

I am an aspiring project manager.

When I was a kid, I wanted to become a teacher, novelist, professor, copywriter but I never dreamt of becoming a project manager. I had never heard about Project Management. How, I wish I did!

One thing lead to another and I stumbled upon this arena just by chance. I had completed my post graduation in Mass Communication and joined a small IT company in Chicago as a management trainee. While on one hand I got involved with marketing for the company, on the other providing a helping hand to the project side got me curious.

I never looked back again, few presentation and documentation later I switched to the IT department. Currently I work as a business analyst and part of the project management team and have had the opportunity to have some great mentors who trusted and inspired me.

So, why the blog? I have been reading blogs about project management for a while now; it was fascinating to see people sharing their knowledge. I have learnt so much from these blogs, that I am in debt to all these authors (If you see the blog list to your right, you will know what I mean).

However, most of the blogs don't advise you on how you can become a PM. Most of the bloggers are hugely successful Project Managers in their respective fields and sometimes talk about issues that might sound alien to most of us.

This blog, is my commitment to become a PM- to talk about my mistakes, my learning process and blog my journey with dollops of honest writings, scouting for some advises for me and everyone else who would like to be a PM.

The day I wrote this, I didn’t think I would continue it for the next three years. I am glad I did.

I met you in my journey. Thank you for making it so special.

There will be giveaways, so watch this space.

Why it’s hard being a newbie?

Obviously because no one will take you seriously.

People are hesitant to give you the chance to whip up a really nice project. They will always blame your inexperienced soul, your lack of domain knowledge, your inability to handle deadline and pressure.

I know. Newbies might not have 16 years of experience behind them but they sure have the new technology, the zeal to work harder and flame to learn more. Try that.

So, if you are having a hard time getting a spot in the team:

  • Observe well. Swoop down on every opportunity to volunteer for extra work.
  • Get the best mentor possible and use your persuasion skills to convince them that you are here for real- to be a project manager.
  • When you are pushed to the sidelines, work harder. Finish your assigned task and dive deeper into projects. Read through project documents if you get nothing else.
  • Start a blog. It can turn people around- write truly, honestly and on what you can. Now they know you are into it and want to grow.
  • Don’t take a NO personally. It’s just that most people don’t want to spend the time to train you; they would rather do it themselves. Persistence pays.
  • Stick around. Be there. Listen to client calls, meeting updates, anything really. Try taking meeting notes.
  • Read about terminologies, technology, clients- anything that will help you understand the next conversation better. Scribble the technical jargon you don't understand that you overheard two seniors talking about to "search" them later and learn about.
  • Get along yet be professional. It’s important to be objective as well. Know where to draw the line.
  • Never give up because it’s not happening right now. It will because you won't give up.
  • Do the right thing. Don’t get involved in politics or back door policy to get what you want. It will backfire.
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Earning PDU through your blog

You are into project management and you blog, how cool would it be if you can get some PDU's from your blog?

Do you think it will bring your blog some additional recognition, make it more fun to write now that you are getting something measurable from your blog?

I saw a tweet from Dina and thought "wow", this couldn't be better. Read on, if this interests you and be sure to let your opinion out there in the comment section.

Steppingintopm: I read through Twitter that you are thinking of getting PDU's in exchange of project management blogs - can you please elaborate on the idea and how you thought of it?

Dina: Well, I can't really take credit for the idea. I think the first record of the idea on twitter came from Vincent Birlouez who asked the question "does publishing a blog bring PDUs?" And then, Kelvin Zhao replied: According to this I think blogging can earn PDUs. So, that's when I got in on the conversation. I'm always looking for cost effective ways to earn PDU's, I mean I'd love to go to interesting classes and seminars, boot-camp like training, etc. But, that all costs money and that's not always easy to come by. There's a whole category of Self Directed Learning in the PMI handbook that lists the ways a PMP can earn credits independently or working with a group. So, blogging about project management is not specifically stated in the list of activities that can qualify for PDUs, but it just seems to make sense that being an active participant in PM blogging (and even other PM networking sites, PMs on twitter group, etc) should qualify for PDUs in the same way. I think it's really about changing for the times, these modes of communicating and information sharing didn't exist 10 years ago or whenever the last time the rules of earning a PDU were discussed. We can all benefit from joining in on the project management discussions in the social media world, so why not earn PDUs at the same time?

Steppingintopm: What do you think should be the basics of a project management blog to be able to earn the PDU?
Dina: I think if the blog post discusses any relevant topic in project management and shows some thought and research was done in preparation of the post, this should qualify. I don't know if a minimum word count is necessary, but in the same way that any article written is submitted to PMI for approval, maybe the blog post(s) could also be submitted. I would love to see some type of peer review board for blog posts rather than having PMI make the decision. Maybe a little survey at the bottom of the post asking if the post should qualify for a PDU (or two).

Steppingintopm: How did you get into the project management?
Dina: I was a web programmer for 5-6 years before I got into project management. In the fall of 2003 I interviewed at an interactive agency for a programmer position and got turned down. I got called back a few months later when a project management role opened up. I figured, why not? Give it a try and see how it goes. I learned a lot from my almost 5 years there, a lot of trial and error. Right when I got my PMP in the beginning of 2008, I started doing a lot of 'pleasure' reading about web & software project management and just got hooked! I felt that I had a good deal of experience and now I wanted to learn from the 'experts' about how to make myself a better project manager. Now I'm the lead project manager of the interactive services department of a tech PR firm and one of my main responsibilities is improving the processes and implementing new ones. It's a great challenge to have.

Steppingintopm: Three tips that you would like to share with aspiring project manager's?
1. Find a good mentor - It was a few years before I was able to find mentors, and ultimately the books and PM social networks I've found have served in that role. But, the earlier you can find a mentor, the better.

2. Read...a lot - The PMP is a nice title and all, but what I really got out of the process was introduction to many very interesting project management topics which I then did my own independent research & reading on after my PMP boot camp was over. Had I only started reading years earlier, I would have had real knowledge and lessons learned to apply to all the questions and challenges I had while I was learning through trial & error.

3. Don't get discouraged- Project management is an ongoing challenge, there's always something new coming out of left field. The short, simple and straightforward projects can almost get boring after a while. It's better to have something more complex that takes serious focus to keep going and complete successfully. So, don't get frustrated if things don't always go right in those complicated projects, there's always a lesson to be learned from it.

Steppingintopm: Thanks Dina

Dina Garfinkel is a Web / Interactive Project Manager who lives in Brooklyn, New York with her husband and two daughters. She enjoys writing about the parallels between project management and parenting, on her blog The Critical Chain and can also be found on twitter .

You can see more on earning PDU here as well.

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So you have decided to become a project manager

Hurray! So you have decided to become a project manager and looking for a job to get your foot in?

You have tried calling up recruiters, sending resumes and browsing through the job sites 4 hours a day and yet nothing? No calls, no emails for job interview and just when you are feeling all down and want to hide yourself in the gloom of the television screen- I have some news for you.

Yes and its good. The traditional job finding days are gone. Today, knowing the right person is all you need. Social media has made it pretty easy for all of us and thats great news.

So, stop goofing around the job sites and start meeting people. Online and offline .

Here’s what you can do-

· Plan – You should know what you want. List out your goals and stick it up right in your mind, soul and your board/wall in front of your desk. Seeing it often will help you remind yourself of your goal. Don’t trash your dreams in some over stuffed “new year resolutions” kit. Remember your plan this time is here to stay.

· Find you- Google search yourself; see what it comes up with. Now you know what people will see when they do it; you will be much better prepared to face the questions/interviews and better make sure the right content shows up.

· Where are you- Are you in the right place? Are you on the social networks? If you would like to be a project manager, are you following the ones in the profession in Twitter, PPMNG, Linkedin or their blogs/sites? Following allows you to understand the profession better, get real situation knowledge that can only help you grow.

· Brand building- Why should someone hire you? What do you bring to the table that no one else has?

Once you have answered these, you know your value. It’s not enough knowing them; it is equally important to let people know about it. Once you have chalked it out try doing something about it. Define yourself through your e-book, blog, social media profiles, and status messages and don’t sound mechanical while doing it. Be genuine, be nice, help others learn. Meet Dan Schawbel and learn from his self branding methods

· Blog- Haven’t we talked about this before? If you’re still thinking about starting a blog, please do so. When I started it; little did I know how much I will learn through this experience and meet so many wonderful people? Just commit to the cause of blogging and hold on to it. Write at least once a week and read other blogs on the same topic. You will not only learn faster, you get to know so much more from people in the industry that you can’t find in books.

If you have noticed, you can see I started reviewing project management software recently. Someone with 5 years of experience can do it better than me but I’m learning through it. Downloading free versions doesn’t cost me anything, but I can learn by trying them out, may be one new software a month. See what Alec (Satin) is doing with his blog.

· Be Bold- Doing videos (coming soon) was a bold decision. Don't hold back on some ideas that you have been eyeing for a long time. I’ve not done videos before and yes, I’m nervous of how things will turn out. I still wanted to do it because 1) I want to and 2) it will help me evolve better in trying to communicate to people. Remember, project management is about working with people and getting your ideas/scope transmitted.

My podcasts will help me be more focused on the clarity since they will be 5-7 mints videos. It will also help me critic myself and see what interviewers will see me as and get feedback from my readers, mentors and well wishers and improve. See what Jamie did to get interviewed by CNN

· Have fun – Enjoy what you do. We all have our problems and think no one has ever faced a situation like me. Wrong!

Grab this moment and start something new, something positive that you will enjoy and learn at the same time. New challenges are good for you, it speeds up your learning process, increases your focus and gets you a job or better contacts.

If you would like to know how social media can get you a job, read some of my favorite post here:

You can also let me know how you got your current job- was it through someone you knew or was it through job portals? Leave comments or better message me at twitter

Times are changing so should you; get your social media account today!

What a blog can do for you?

Jan 22, 2009 | | 1 comments |
It can get you an invitation to the "International Congress for Project, Programme and Risk Management" at London

If you would like to know more click here.

Sounds to good to be true, few days back I got the inivitation and accepted it ofcourse. The initial email said that the blog was being read by  "lots of people who are reading it and liking it".

I'm thankful for the oppurtunity to Kate Winter from Perceptive PR and it's my first Project Management
 seminar. It actually got me  nervous (I still am). With a few more days to get my visa and manage everything else, I hope I can be there.

It's happening on the 10 and 11 of February and I get to meet Elizabeth Harrin!

Want an inivitation, start your blog. 

On a serious note, it opens new doors for you, something you can only dream of. If it's happening to me, it can happen to you .

(Picture: The BPUG congress Brochure and Me)

Why Blog?

Jan 20, 2009 | | 0 comments |
If you have noticed, I have added a new section “Why Blog”? 

Blogging is emerging as the most popular and powerful tools to communicate and network among fellow professionals. Little did I know before starting, so I want more and more of you to have access to the information that I did not. 

Check out the links and who knows yours might be the next big blog!

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Project Managers who Blog

Dec 5, 2008 | | 1 comments |
If you are someone who blogs regularly, here's a hint about how to get your blog popular.

I stumbled upon the term Search Engine Optimization few months back while working in a project which had SEO part of it. It's fascinating to know how internet, well rather Google works. Why we see the site we see.

When I started blogging, I just did what I thought was right and I would like to read. I didn't have any intentions to optimize my site and I never did. My interest was triggered when I suddenly saw my blog  rank (page rank) 2. Not bad I thought, 5 months into blogging and it ranked! Than one day, the rank was simpy gone. 

I didn't change anything, I still wrote the way I write and enjoy every bit of it.  So, I just decided to ignore the entire thing. While doing some research about SEO for a project, I read the article on how to optimize a blog and thought that was rather interesting.

If you are one of those who optimize along with writing, well you already know about SEO. If you don't, the information is worthwhile. 

I don't think I will be changing very soon the way I write or think just because I need the page rank back. I would rather prefer more visitors to my site and see how they react. Of course, if it comes with an added bonus of a Page Rank -good enough I say. Actually more than good. I like being appreciated once in a while for my hard work and if it comes from Google, why not?

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P.S. Can I please have a minute of your time and  if you could please vote for the poll (on the right hand side) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Blogs- Source of knowledge and more

Nov 21, 2008 | | 0 comments |
If you have noticed, my list of blogs have increased over the days. I try to keep my blog as objective as possible. While I do have my personal favorites, I try to provide you readers (and me) with as much as information as possible by listing the blogs related to the field and which of course I think provides the information we can all learn from.

I have added a new list of blogs named "Powerful Reads" which I often read. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I do.
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