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Connections- What we all need (SIPM Connect)

The traditional models are so yesterday.

You had to walk into a room full of people to network, travel for attending seminars and cold call/email to find a mentor. 

Today, things have undergone a massive change, yes we still do all of the above but nothing is limited to how much you are willing to spend. 

And thats a big advantage for so many, for those who want to learn, for students who are cash strapped, for those who don’t want to fly for hours to get to another country. We are all trying to connect- to the right person, right job, right level of experience and right emotions.

And we believe, well most of us at least that connections can get us to the point, carry us when we need an extra nudge. 

At SIPM Connect, we do just that. Its a FREE forum for anyone to connect. Available globally, the idea is projected in an interactive platform, where you are free to find the right level of connection.

The profile creation  is simple and fast, clear and to the point. And yet personalised for another person to reach out to you whether within your group (e.g newbie) or the other (e.g.mentor). Get the entire overview as soon as you login, effective  and time saving. Browse through the group of your interest, find the connections and hear back from them in the same forum. 

Click the group to explore the world, literally. Choose from countries, industries and drill down to keywords to find the mentor/network you need in the domain you would like. 

And yes I will say it again- its free. Built as a way to give back to the community with the confidence that everyone wants to create the right connection and everyone should have the right to. 

To sign up, click here  

Ready for a new job? Heres the hows and whys?

Your chances of accepting an offer are statistically significant 2.6% to 6.6% higher if you were referred by a current employee than if you weren’t, mentions  Glassdoor. 

So, what do you think- does knowing the right person get you a job?

It clearly does.  So, how do you find the right person, the question is what are you doing when looking for the job.

How do you know you are ready to find your next job?

People don’t quit their job, they leave their bosses- I find it true in a lot of cases including my own and Harvard Business review confirms

Richard Branson believes that “Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough that they don’t want to”. 

While a lot is said about bosses and managers, its also your responsibility to let them know what you are looking for and who you are. Sometimes opinions about you are formed in your absence, so its important to discuss your goals and interests with your manager as well. Bringing it up politely once in awhile ensure your boss hasn’t forgotten about it and when the right opening comes up, he or she might let you in. 

To ensure your boss is helping you, don’t forget to do your work. If that doesn’t work and things seem real stagnant or bad and you are tired, see lack of advancement and opportunities- it might be time to start looking at the market.

Career Fulfilment- Its said that when you have the right combination of Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose in your work you are fulfilled (Read Drive by Daniel Pink ). 

Culture plays a crucial role as well and how you fit in matters.  

Tony Hsieh of Zappos  known to hire based on the social/cultural fit of candidates mentions   “We’ve actually passed on a lot of really smart, talented people that we know can make an immediate impact on our top or bottom line, but if they’re not good for the company culture, we won’t hire them for that reason alone”. 

To buy the book "Delivering Happiness" click here .To know more about their hiring process, click here .

If you find yourself not fitting in and constantly feeling the need to not be yourself but someone else to impress, it can be an indicator to move on. 

How to look for a job?
Well, simply put you have to put a plan in place. Knowing the right person matters, now you have to look for one.

Eye on the Market- Look at the current market situation and asses your own skills, you should know where you want to be and the role you are eyeing by now (thats why you are ready to quit). Find out who’s hiring in the market and then look up your contacts in Linkedin and other social platforms you are part of. Platforms like Meetup (based on similar interests) could also be a great source for knowing openings. List out the desired companies and then get to work. Find either contacts inside or email people in the role (similar) about the work, advancement opportunities and the company in general. If everything seems to go well and you feel positive about it- ask for a referral. 

Work with you mentor/sponsor- Hopefully you already have one by now, they can always use their contacts or expertise to redirect you the right person or openings. Incase you haven’t been lucky enough to find a mentor, sign up where you have mentors waiting to work with you , you don’t have to engage in cold calls or random emails anymore, thats a thing of the past.

Find out about the Prospective Company
Even before applying for an open position, consider if the move is right for you. Moving from one job to another to move again in a years time is not a good idea. So ensure you know the company, the culture and the feedback before you decide to invest your time there. Glassdoor is a great way to get the reviews and then get it validated with direct questions with your contact within the organization. 

Nail the Interview
Where do you see yourself in 5 years? There are multiple resources that share the tentative insider scoops on interviews. You can find some of them listed below.

30% of women don't bother to negotiate at all, while 46% of men negotiate,” according to Katie Donovan, founder of Equal Pay Negotiations. So, you decide what its that you really want to go for and at what point you would like to close the discussion. 

Good Luck!

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Exciting News| Relaunching- Connect

Today, I want to share some exciting news with you all.

This goes long back, few years after I started the blog. I felt it was wonderful meeting amazing project management professionals from all over the world and learning from them and being mentored. 

I also knew that this is something that might be difficult for a lot of people to do, because you might not know whom to reach out to, or lot of times people are busy and perhaps don’t reply back to a mail of a newbie. I knew I felt very strongly about sharing the luck I had and how much I learnt just by talking to amazing people. And if I had the chance, so should so many others.  This is specially true for introverts, who might not be as comfortable meeting up people over coffee or cold calling them for a chance to be mentored or learning about the profession. 

Hence the “Connectwas born. It was free and the idea was to create an interactive design so you felt like you were at your work desk and had the freedom to be connected to newbies or experts from around the globe. 

The best part was you didn’t have to find them and figure out how to communicate with them, we did all that work for you. When the PMOT community signed up and amongst them lots of senior folks who were happy to mentor newbies. You could choose virtual mentorship or in your city mentorship, where you select from your domain of choice (media, IT, construction etc) and the city/country incase you want to have face to face conversations and not limit yourself to emails/skype calls. 

The site was launched because me and my two friends sat down and were super proud to get this done. It did well, lots of people signed up and it was still free. 

For me it was important that the purpose of creation stayed, for anyone to help themselves move forward in their career. You didn’t have to shell out on subscriptions or payments to get the opportunity.  

Paid completely with my own money, and encouraged and supported by many thats how it stayed, small tiny and humble. There was no marketing done except by word of mouth by people who used it or who wrote about it in there blogs. You could mentor here and probably claim PDU or SEU, saving you more money (if anyone had done it, can you please email us your story)

The site went down few months ago and honestly I didn’t even notice it initially and when I did, I had to take the time to decide if I wanted to bring the site back or let it go. There were people who had signed up (existing users),  communications happening and I just thought its really a good website, and even if it helps one student every month, one newbie every day to figure out their career I should bring it back. 

So, here it is- the site back and working. Yay!! The site stays as it is for now with new features coming soon. 

If you have ever used the site or benefitted from it, please don’t hesitate to tell your friends. If you or someone you know would like to collaborate or may be sponsor for the day or put ads in the site that would be wonderful because then we can bring in more amazing features to the site and keep on paying it forward. 

We are re-launching and yes it is still free. Thank you for your support. 

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This is what you should be doing

Image result for what would you do if you werent afraid?

What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

List down 3 items and find a way to get it done.

What would you need to get it done? More time, money, taking risks?

The biggest reason we don’t succeed is because we stand in our own way. So, here are some methods that are ruling the web.

Miracle Mornings is something I recently came across, you can listen to the audio book in YouTube. There’s clearly a buzz about it online and saw numerous people talking about it and how it has changed their lives. The goal is simple, get up early every morning and ensure you set your mood and pace by using visual boards and exercise to get things done.

The Secret-Law of Attraction has lots of followers including celebrities. It focuses a lot on visualization and here’s Oprah’s recount of how it worked for her 

Mental practice as they say can get you closer to where you want to be in life, and it can prepare you for success! “For instance, Natan Sharansky, a computer specialist who spent 9 years in prison in the USSR after being accused of spying for US has a lot of experience with mental practices. While in solitary confinement, he played himself in mental chess, saying: “I might as well use the opportunity to become the world champion!” Remarkably, in 1996, Sharansky beat world champion chess player Garry Kasparov!” Source

There could be multiple ways to work on your life goals without having to dedicate yourself full time. You don't need to quit your job, if you are not ready.

Most of the techniques is about you working on your willpower by visualizing you being successful or fulfilling your dream and then you create your way by working out early before you can give excuses.

So wake up, get up and get going!

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Best of 2016: Moving Foward

2016 has been a tough year for me, it has tested me in every possible way and yet I am thankful that I have survived. The  journey taught me a lot and I thought I will share with you some of my favorite things I have discovered last year that I intend to carry forward with me to 2017.

I have realized being organized helps me declutter and empty up my head space and it's a big relief. So, I have spent the last 2 months doing exactly that- sorting out my brain.

Here are some of the things I have enjoyed, I hope you like them and let me know what was yours.

Best Apps
  • Evernote (productivity and organization)- I use this to bookmark links or upload documents primarily for work or blog.
  • Big Basket (online grocery- India)- saves me from the traffic in Indian roads. 
  • Canva (design and content creation)- I use this for creating posters and banners that I use in the blog or in my social media channels.
  • Pinterest (visual board)- its the last thing I browse before bed, I love beautiful things (or pictures)
  • Omvana (meditation) - I discovered it very recently after reading the Code of the Extraordinary Mind
  • Noteboard- chrome extension (efficiency and productivity)- good place to jot down my lists and goals plus I like the feel of a cork board.

Best Gadgets
  • Garmin Activity Tracker (physical fitness)- if you have read my post on 5 Years- Thats how long it took you know what I am talking about. This helps plus I love the reminder to Move!
  • Wireless speaker/headphone  (music, phone calls)- I have carried it with me when travelling to cient sites. When you are contantly living out of a suitcase it helps to have a familiar routine, even if that means listening to a familiar soundtrack. 

Best  Blogs

Best of SIPM Posts

Pic Courtesy: pinterest
Some of the links used are Amazon affiliate links, it helps me keep this site running if you happen to buy the products using the link. Thank you.

December without Snow

I am in the mood to celebrate life and December is my favorite month.

So, I have ordered a few more books and my Sundays are mostly about trying to cut down the clutter and soaking up the sun. 

 I am trying to get back to my original self, being more grateful, trying out new hobbies and hoping that this month is where I get to be creative again.

Last month I traveled, planted some more plants in my tiny balcony and started posting in Instagram. I also sprained my left ankle.

I have so much stuff coming for the blog and I am positive that my new change of routines and way of working will ensure I actually can get them done. So, it’s just not a concept running around wild in my head!

For some random links that I have been browsing recently:
  • Let’s start with the gifts: click here 
  • How about unwinding for the year by doodling and learning about its benefits: click here
  • Thinking about starting your own and finding out the latest in the tech world journalism: Click here
  • If you follow a end of day or beauty routine, ever heard of the capsule format: click here
  • Why Scrum is a scale free architecture: Click here
  • How about some serious reading on how social media and mental health are connected: click here
Anyone interested in browsing through the top 50 project management blogs (By Feedspot). can look up here.

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You are Not Limited by your Location- SIPM Connect

If you thought your opportunities are limited by your location- think again.

 You can be located anywhere in the world and yet to connect to continents apart. So, if you are new to project management and what to know more, why limit yourself to your locality. Be bold. Be brave. Reach out to anyone.

The most difficult part of reaching out to someone in the PM community is:
  • You might want to network or work with the best; however you don’t know how to reach them
  • If you reach out, you aren’t sure if they will be open to it

Why SIPM Connect:
  • You can choose a mentor or someone to connect with anywhere in the world (choose based on country, city)
  • You can also choose them based on your domain of work and location (in case you want someone local, for example if you work in projects within advertisement, mass media who might want to connect with someone local or within your country)
  • They have already agreed to be the mentor (they have signed up as experts and chosen to be a mentor), which means you don’t have to pursue them as much to mentor you.
  • Best part, its free. Login from anywhere in world to anyone.  And you will never get bombarded with emails. Never. 

(Pic courtesy: SIPM)

SIPM Connect- The Benefits of Being a Mentor

SIPM Connect is the Community of Project Managers that allows the Newbies and the Experts to interact. Oh and it’s free.


3 top benefits of being a mentor in SIPM Connect:

1.You get to share your experience with someone- the greatest of satisfaction is to help someone our and see them grow. It makes you a better person and professional and it add a boost of positivity in your life. In SIPM Connect, you can choose to be a mentor.  This allows newbies to connect with you easily from all over the world. Mentors can be sort out based on their location, domain or profile insight.

2.You learn from the millennial’s (born between 1980-2000)- Most of the younger workforce who are looking for mentors are probably millennials. 3 things you didn’t know about millennials  
          •       They are motivated (source
          •       They crave coaching (source
          •       Open to change (source
     3. You can earn credits- In most formats, informal coaching or mentoring can be counted as learning or discussions,  so if you are involved you might be able to get adequate credits. Please check with your local chapter of PMI or Scrum  Alliance for more information.

    What is SIPM- Connect?

    SIPM (Stepping into Project Management) is a community for Project Managers. While this is a blog, the SIPM community is called- CONNECT.

    You can be a newbie in the field OR someone who has been in the domain for years and is an expert. This is an open platform where you can interact within your own group, find a mentor to consult and learn from or simply network.

    Best of all- its FREE!

    The image above is a sneak peek, post login. You get:

    • to maintain your own profile
    • get updated within your network (if you have joined as an expert, you get to see all the experts registered with the site and start a conversation)
    • you get to see the other group as well (example- I can see the newbie list too)
    • My notes allows you to scribble your to dos and things to remember.
    • And of course based on your registration type (Expert or Newbie) you get to see the relevant advertisements, which hopefully add value to you. Ads re not globally placed n the site, its based on your group. 
    Its an active site with a lot going on, so if you are already part of it- a big THANK YOU. If you have been thinking about joining it, please try it out. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to reach out to me.

    (Pic courtesy: SIPM)


    Jan 14, 2016 | | 0 comments |
    If you are part of SIPM or heard of it, told a friend about it- you know that there has always been an interest to give back to the community that has given so much to me.

    I am indebted to so many for giving me the opportunity, a second chance, reading my blog, supporting me when I have doubted myself and keeping me inspired- so introducing I AM LISTENING ( to you).

    This is a combination of an idea and effort where I open up a slot of 20 minutes (over Skype or Google Hangout) to listen to you from February-April- twice a month.

    I would like to just listen in to your stories of –
    • Personal inspiration and struggles to make it in the professional world, even if it’s not project management.
    • I would like to listen if you have had a mentor who has changed your life
    • I would like to know if you have connected with someone using the SIPM platform
    • How has your determination paved your own destiny

    I will also take up:
    • Questions on career, growth, job changes, hurdles, mentorship.
    • Connect you/suggest someone can help you along the way

    So, for individuals who would like me to LISTEN, please send me an email with the subject line as “I AM LISTENING”, in the body please mention:
    • Your full name
    • Profession
    • Location
    • What you would like me to LISTEN about/Your story
    • Email
    • Your LinkedIn/blog/twitter link (optional)
    • Month you would prefer to connect(Feb-April)

    Right now its open from Feb to April, so only 6 people can get the slot. Once I connect with you, I will send a calendar link with open timings and work around a common time between Friday-Sunday.

    And I know I will need a lot of help in this as well, so if you are an organization or individual that would like to partner up or help someone as well, feel free to send an email or tweet and we will connect with you. Your subject line in email should be “IAMLISTENING-Partnership”.

    This could be as simple as opening up a summer internship opportunity, could be opening for a job, something as simple as giving them a 10 minute slot to connect with you or providing your services of online mentoring, a free giveaway of an online course, a peek into your tool, a 50 percent off on your e-book.

    Of course, there’s no charge from my end and I would hope the same for partnering up individuals or organizations. However, if you do decide to charge; please mention the fee for your services in the email.

    For IAMLISTENING- Partners, please include:
    • Point of contact’s name
    • Name of Organization you represent
    • Location
    • Website
    • Your email
    • Phone
    • Category of Service
    • Details of service
    • Charges (if any)

    If you have questions around this please email( or tweet (@Soma_b) or facebook me with the hashtag #SIPM

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    New Resources Pt 3- Interview with Samad Aidane

    Samad Aidane is a cross-cultural leadership and Project Management Consultant and Coach with over two decades of experience in information technology change initiatives. He is also a featured speaker at Project Management Institute Congresses, local PMI Chapters, and at organizations such as J.P Morgan, HP, and T-Mobile.

    Please tell us about your website which is a great resource for the upcoming project managers and why understanding the co-relation between neuro-science and project management/leadership style could be the key to being successful in this profession.

    Although we tend to think of project work in terms of tasks, resources, and milestones, the brain experiences projects first and foremost as social systems. The latest research on how the brain works is bringing a fresh perspective on how the brain responds during times of change, uncertainty, and ambiguity and the drivers that create an environment that fosters engagement, collaboration, and commitment.
    Neuroscience is the interdisciplinary science of the nervous system that collaborates with other fields such as chemistry, computer science, engineering, linguistics, mathematics, medicine, philosophy, physics, and psychology. The field has seen significant advances in recent years which can be largely attributed to very recent scientific and technological advances, particularly functional magnetic resonance imaging, or fMRI, which allows researchers to literally watch the brain in action.

    Guerrilla Project Management and Neuro Frontier reflect my interest in this field. The blogs explore core neuroscience of leadership principles that form the foundation for making decisions, solving problems, collaborating with others, and facilitating change. Understanding these core neuroscience principles and drivers of human behavior will help us understand individual capacity to cope with ambiguity, deal with conflict, and find innovative solutions to complex problems.

    Why do you think this is a must read for new project managers?Wwhat are the 3 main takeaways from the site?

    Through Guerrilla Project Management and Neuro Frontier, new project managers will be able to:

    • Understand the neuroscience of leadership, its latest research findings, and its implications for project managers
    • Gain insights into the effectiveness and benefits of brain-based leadership for Project Managers
    • Learn how to apply these insights in our projects to make effective decisions and solve complex problems, stay cool under pressure, and facilitate lasting change.

    One piece of advice that you think is an absolute must for new project managers?

    Project are a series of moments of dull but important work interspersed with moments of pure joy and often even euphoria. To sustain ourselves, every project must contribute a body of knowledge to our journey of mastery. This starts with not letting projects happen to us. This means we must get to the point in our career where we get to select the type of projects we work on, the way film directors choose their next film or musicians select their next album project. This power of choice is the secret to making sure every project we touch tells a story about our journey to mastery and contributes to our masterpiece.

    Samad Aidane holds a Post Graduate Degree in the Neuroscience of Leadership from Middlesex University, U.K. His research connects the latest findings in brain science research to leadership development and informs the ways leaders can improve their capacity to make effective decisions, solve complex problems, and facilitate lasting change. Samad is certified by the Project Management Institute and a member of the Social & Affective Neuroscience Society.

    (Pic courtesy: Samad Aidane)

    You can also read Pt 1- Interview with Jeff Furman  and Pt 2- Interview with Elizabeth Harrin.

    New Resources Pt 1- Interview with Jeff Furman

    This is a special short and crisp series of posts that promise to help you get prepped up for 2015. And we start with some new available resources that help you get to your goal faster.

    We start with Jeff Furman and his second edition of the book "The Project Management Answer Book" (second edition) which is a great resource for anyone getting into project management as well as considering about getting the certification. 

    You can read his interview with me when the first edition was out by clicking here.

    Please tell us about your book which is a great resource for the upcoming project managers.     
    PMP Certification –Getting certified is very important for anyone who wants a career
    in project management.  And my book is packed with PMP tips in every chapter, based on my having taught more than 100 PMP Prep classes over the past eight years, as well as teaching many other Basic and Advanced PM classes. So many of these tips are NOT in other books. And I share these throughout my book in very easy-to-find “sidebars.”

    Easy-to-Read Q&A Format - My book is the only current PMP book in Q&A format, making it easy-to-read and navigate through. But it’s also highly-detailed – I provide very thorough explanations on difficult topics such as Earned Value and Critical Path, but broken up into short, “bite-size” Q&As. For this reason, many PMs from around the world have “Liked” my book’s Facebook Fan Page – (“Likes” currently from 25 different countries!)

    NOT Just PMP! – Most PMP books are mainly “for the test.” My book has a very strong PMP test focus, but also contains a great many templates, figures, diagrams, examples, and case-studies to help PMs with practical, hands-on advice for managing projects efficiently and effectively.

    NOT Just Waterfall (Hello, Scrum Agile!)  For the 2nd Edition, I’ve added a robust new chapter on Scrum Agile. Waterfall PM has been the industry standard for many years. But Agile is catching on rapidly, with Scrum by far the most popular type. My book provides 54 new Q&As on Scrum (also making comparisons to Waterfall where helpful). My chapter also provides info on Agile certifications, networking groups and resources for Agilists, and more.

     And where can we find it?
     My 2nd Edition just came out in November, 2014.  It's available in paperbacks and in several

    • Paperback:
    • Paperback from the publisher: Management Concepts Press
    • eBook: from the publisher: Management Concepts Press
    • Paperback: at the NYU Bookstore in Manhattan     

    Also coming soon in:

    • Kindle:
    • Google Books

    Why do you think this is a must have for new project managers? 
    New PMs, as well as job candidates, have a need to quickly be able to show potential customers, stakeholders, and employers that they understand the latest techniques and terminology. My book takes  hundreds of technical terms from the PMI PMBOK Guide and other sources and provides very easy-to-follow explanations, examples, and templates to help PMs very quickly get up-to-speed.

    My book also provides a great deal of help toward the certification process. In addition to many PMP test tips, I provide unique content such as a template on how to complete the PMP exam application, a list of “language aids” supported by PMI (Turkish just added!), tips on creating the PMP exam brain dump, and a study sheet / practice grid I created for my PMP students on how to learn the ITTOs (Inputs, Tools, Techniques, and Outputs) PMs need to know for their exams.

     What are the 3 main takeaways from the book?
    Top 10 Pitfall Lists – My book offers “Top 10 Pitfalls” on the PMI Knowledge Areas, based on my many years experience managing I.T. projects, as well as many shared by my students in my PM classes.  Looking at pitfalls to watch out (a.k.a. “other people’s mistakes”) is a fun way to learn the PMBOK.

    The Triple Constraint –  Many PMs have heard about the classic “Triple Constraint.”
    But many don’t know that there are actually several useful variations out in the world of PM. My book provides:

    My book provides diagrams of three popular models plus three advanced models:
    • The Talent Management Triple Constraint 
    • The Value Triple Constraint 
    • The Triple Constraint For Ethics. 

    Mini Waterfall –  Scrum Agile is an important new area of PM to learn, in addition to Waterfall PM (which is the discipline tested for on the PMP). Good news is that if you have already studied Waterfall, there are some key concepts common to both, so much so that some actually call Scrum “mini-waterfall.”

    So my Chapter 14, “Scrum Agile: The New Wave In PM” is designed to help you quickly learn many of the key concepts of Scrum. And to make it fun, my chapter answers questions for you such as: “What are misconceptions Waterfall people have about Agile?” and the other way around:“What are misconceptions agilists have about Waterfall?”

    One piece of advice that you think is an absolute must for new project managers?
    One word: Ethics!
    Don’t let the customer (or your management) push you into an unethical decision. There is always the pressure: “The customer is always right,” and to do whatever they ask. But if you say yes to something you shouldn’t, such as cutting corners, or skipping an important test, your project’s quality will suffer. And if your reputation becomes compromised, it will be very difficult to get it back.

    My Chapter 10: Ethical Considerations PMs Face On The Job takes you through the PMI Code of Ethics®, as well as PMI’s EDMF® (Ethical Decision-Making Framework), and provides Q&As on many real-world issues around ethics that can help you set a leadership example on your projects.

    To know more about the book, you can see the reviews and read another great interview by Elizabeth Harrin  

    The series continues in 2015.

    (Pic courtesy: MWild Photography)

    My New Years Resolution- And How I kept It

    This is my first. And I thought I’ll share it with you.

    In all these years, I have made umpteen resolutions, written about it, scribbled on books, index cards, made notes to self and somewhere down the road I have dropped them and never gotten back.

    This year was different. I didn't have any resolutions. Not one.

    It's February of course now and so far I am on track. Breaking resolutions is so common that I think we have stopped feeling guilty about it. We make resolutions that we know will get us off the track at some point.

    So, here’s how I stuck with it this year:

    • I didn't make any resolutions- that way I didn't put any pressure on me to succeed. 
    • I went for basics- I just wanted to be happy. Every day I decided what would make me happy and just went with it. Some days I read, some days I looked into new certifications, some days I went for a walk. I want to wake up happy. 
    • I kept doing things if I liked it- I never forced myself to exercise, if I didn't want to do it I didn't  Instead I just walked within my apartment or did 3 crunches. 
    • I stopped waiting- For things to happen obviously, I started moving around more. So, I disconnected by cable, with no TV shows I had to step out for air. If I really wanted to watch something, I did via internet and that took time to hook up and then connect my laptop to the big screen TV and then watch it. Too much trouble, instead I just went out for a stroll. Plus I took the meaningless chatter out of my head.
    • I look for peace- I did through books, my strolls and tried to center myself. I sit quietly for 5 minutes, do some very basic yoga when I can and get back to my normal life.
    • I used technology to its very minimum- I own a weighing machine for the last 5 years. I rarely weigh myself now, I do it may be once a week to keep a track otherwise my jeans does the rest :) Oh and I use an iPhone app called “Lose It” (the free version) to keep a track of the food that I eat. You can use a food journal. I have used it before and then stopped using it because I don’t like the idea of writing down everything I eat.  After a while I really wanted to know what was going in my tummy and I got back to it. Just because I have to log it, I try to eat right. 
    • I don’t punish myself- I make cakes and eat them too but only when I have company. I don’t make cakes for me anymore. And I parcel the rest for takeaway. When I fall off the wagon, I don’t criticize me anymore I accept that I am human. I get back to my new lifestyle from the next minute not the next day. Because tomorrow never comes
    • I've made by peace with failure- I have failed too often to know I will be fine even if I fail. So, when I do things I feel uncomfortable with; I am ok. I know I have failed and I know I don’t want to fail. So, I stop thinking about it, I go read something or write a blog post and forget about it. It’s OK to fail.
    • I move- I try to. I take the extra initiative to clean up the kitchen, organize my wardrobe, arrange my book shelf, find those family albums, index the DVD’s- anything that doesn't allow me to sit. If you get tired, take a 5 minute break and then get back to it. Moving is a habit for me, more I do it, easier it becomes.
    • I don’t want to lose weight- I don’t. More I attach numbers to my goals, more the pressure is. I want to be healthy and happy. So, I keep to the basics and try to add something new to it once in a while if I want to. This is the best year I have had so far, because I am at peace with myself. I have stopped comparing myself with others, I have stopped looking at how green the grass is on the other side and I just look at me.
    • Create a positive environment- Do something that gives you happiness everyday. Connect with people, write a blog post  find a good supportive system for yourself. When I moved to this city (Hyderabad, India), I didn't really know a soul, didn't have any friends and I missed mine in States. I had really bad days, so I finally decided enough is enough and I have to find a solution to it. I started my own group through meetup ( and found similar minded people who soon enough became friends. We go for outings together as a group, we have members from different walks of life and profession, we get to learn from each other,watch movies, share some laughter and even do a picnic. Stop waiting, coz no one’s coming to help you unless you want to help yourself.
    • Do it for you- not because everyone else is doing it. Only when you are ready, want to try or you know it’s time- go for it. One change, any change, a small change will do!
    Ultimately be happy and help someone today, it will give you some happiness and peace.

    (Pic Courtesy: Google Images)

    To learn more about project management read my book Stepping into Project Management (Welcome to the #PMOT World). To connect with experienced Project Manager's from all over the world, get mentored or shadow for a day see the SIPM Community.

    January- National Mentoring Month

    I have always been very vocal about getting your mentor and mentoring others to give back to the community that has been kind to you.

    The SIPM community website is build on the grounds of finding your mentor- locally and globally. Apart from the obvious reasons you should get a mentor (see bullet points with links below), here are a few others:
    • Finding a mentor when you have plans to move countries-It can be beneficial to have a ally who understands the cultural aspect as a local and can advise you on as required situation. It can definitely give you a heads up in meeting the right people; your mentor already knows them all. Ask for introductions.
    • Get published- look around for doing some research oriented work may be, to get your name co-published in blog posts, journals, books etc.
    • Be a part of a bigger venture- Find out ways to contribute to the community by discussing it with your mentor- join NGO’s, volunteer your time and add them up in your resume.

    You can join the SIPM community today by clicking here.  Find related links below:

    (Pic Courtesy: Google Images)

    To learn more about project management read my book Stepping into Project Management (Welcome to the #PMOT World). To connect with experienced Project Manager's from all over the world, get mentored or shadow for a day see the SIPM Community.

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    • Step 4: What should your blog include?
    • Step 5- How to decide on your target audience?
    Day 2 (duration: 1 hour)
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