5 Years- that’s how long it took

I like having the constraint in my flow, to ensure I also deliver.

Don’t get me wrong, I like to creative as my next door neighbor, however working within certain limits also ensure I actually do something about it. 

I don’t know about you, I always function better when I am very busy. I know what I have to do next and I just get it done.

Except that I have always struggled with certain parts of my life- like exercising. It’s been a constant goal in my life for the longest time and I have often fallen off the wagon and had difficulties getting on to it. I read articles where sharing with friends and creating accountability helps and where not sharing helps- tried both and failed. I always don’t do things to please others, so when I stopped- I stopped.

I wasn’t also creating excuses, I was busy and I just didn’t know how to fit it all. So, I failed. It didn't top my priority.

This year, I didn’t include getting back in shape or exercising in my new year resolution. I wasn’t doing it anyways. Instead, I decided to make smaller changes to my lifestyle. Nope, they are not the same- because I never committed to get on the treadmill. I just ate more at home, tried to get in a fruit everyday and created a routine around it. And gave up sugar. Well not completely, I still have a cake once in a while; however I just don’t buy it for the sake of having it. I drink my tea without sugar and I have learned to enjoy the taste.

And yeah, I did get up on the treadmill and found a way to incorporate it within the routine. I tried the elimination trick. I eliminated ways that would ensure I fail.

This is my second month and I do get through the office gym door 5 times a week every day for 45- 60 minutes.  Not sure if this is too early to elaborate and celebrate, I will feel great. I like that I haven’t fallen off the wagon and I did make the small changes. Oh yes and I do have a burger to celebrate :)
  • Every week I add something new to my routine
  • I have friends now in the gym
  • I do eat home cooked meal the entire weekday
  • I eat more fruits and veggies
  • I juice veggies once a in a while
  • I create motivation cards
  • I don’t focus on loosing weight, so I don’t use a weighing machine.
  • I just work out everyday

And this took me 5 years to get to.

Okay, so why dish out my personal story? So if you have been struggling to keep up with your goals, don’t GIVE UP yet. Just find out why you have been giving up- what’s the emotion you go through just before you give up? And then find a way to ensure you don’t go through the same emotions and that might just keep you in the wagon forever. 

(Pic courtesy: Soma Bhattacharya)