Project Management 2.0- Book Review

Project Management 2.0
Sent by Wiley (publisher) for a book review, this book wasn't purchased by me.

What it covers:
  • How has project management changed over the years and why?
  • It touches on all the topics you would need in project management from tools to governance and shows you the changes
  • Talks about how social impacts have made changes to this line of work like recessions.
  • Text heavy with intermittent charts and graphs

As the name suggest the book is all about the “new” in project management, but clearly through the pages, the author talks more through comparative tables and the value of the new. In trying to keep the book in a discussion mode, there are questions listed at the end of every chapter. From the Agile PM methodology to the politics and stakeholder mapping everything gets covered indepth.
Towards the end of the book he talks about the various ways of problem solving and decision making and concludes interestingly.

Total No of Pages

Who should read this Book?
  • Project management professionals- Anyone in the project management profession can pick it up, especially those who have been doing it for a while. It’s definitely not a quick read, however allows seeing the latest trends and changes that you can catch up with.
  • Project management Historians-Anyone interested in the project management history and how things have undergone changes will find the book interesting.
  • I don’t think it would particularly interest the millenials, because they have been doing project management 2.0 anyways.

Why should you read this book?
  • To keep yourself updated- from the latest changes in Agile Project management to the how stakeholder management has changed. 12 chapters are:
  • Project management 2.0
  • Peek into the Future of project management
  • Understanding Success and Failure
  • Value driven project management
  • Growing importance of metrics with pm 2.0
  • Project management Methodologies 1.0vs2.0
  • Project governance
  • Role of project manager in strategic planning and Portfolio management
  • R&D Project management
  • Problem solving and decion making
  • Need for project management
  • Using the PMO to spearhead PM2.0

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