My New Years Resolution- And How I kept It

This is my first. And I thought I’ll share it with you.

In all these years, I have made umpteen resolutions, written about it, scribbled on books, index cards, made notes to self and somewhere down the road I have dropped them and never gotten back.

This year was different. I didn't have any resolutions. Not one.

It's February of course now and so far I am on track. Breaking resolutions is so common that I think we have stopped feeling guilty about it. We make resolutions that we know will get us off the track at some point.

So, here’s how I stuck with it this year:

  • I didn't make any resolutions- that way I didn't put any pressure on me to succeed. 
  • I went for basics- I just wanted to be happy. Every day I decided what would make me happy and just went with it. Some days I read, some days I looked into new certifications, some days I went for a walk. I want to wake up happy. 
  • I kept doing things if I liked it- I never forced myself to exercise, if I didn't want to do it I didn't  Instead I just walked within my apartment or did 3 crunches. 
  • I stopped waiting- For things to happen obviously, I started moving around more. So, I disconnected by cable, with no TV shows I had to step out for air. If I really wanted to watch something, I did via internet and that took time to hook up and then connect my laptop to the big screen TV and then watch it. Too much trouble, instead I just went out for a stroll. Plus I took the meaningless chatter out of my head.
  • I look for peace- I did through books, my strolls and tried to center myself. I sit quietly for 5 minutes, do some very basic yoga when I can and get back to my normal life.
  • I used technology to its very minimum- I own a weighing machine for the last 5 years. I rarely weigh myself now, I do it may be once a week to keep a track otherwise my jeans does the rest :) Oh and I use an iPhone app called “Lose It” (the free version) to keep a track of the food that I eat. You can use a food journal. I have used it before and then stopped using it because I don’t like the idea of writing down everything I eat.  After a while I really wanted to know what was going in my tummy and I got back to it. Just because I have to log it, I try to eat right. 
  • I don’t punish myself- I make cakes and eat them too but only when I have company. I don’t make cakes for me anymore. And I parcel the rest for takeaway. When I fall off the wagon, I don’t criticize me anymore I accept that I am human. I get back to my new lifestyle from the next minute not the next day. Because tomorrow never comes
  • I've made by peace with failure- I have failed too often to know I will be fine even if I fail. So, when I do things I feel uncomfortable with; I am ok. I know I have failed and I know I don’t want to fail. So, I stop thinking about it, I go read something or write a blog post and forget about it. It’s OK to fail.
  • I move- I try to. I take the extra initiative to clean up the kitchen, organize my wardrobe, arrange my book shelf, find those family albums, index the DVD’s- anything that doesn't allow me to sit. If you get tired, take a 5 minute break and then get back to it. Moving is a habit for me, more I do it, easier it becomes.
  • I don’t want to lose weight- I don’t. More I attach numbers to my goals, more the pressure is. I want to be healthy and happy. So, I keep to the basics and try to add something new to it once in a while if I want to. This is the best year I have had so far, because I am at peace with myself. I have stopped comparing myself with others, I have stopped looking at how green the grass is on the other side and I just look at me.
  • Create a positive environment- Do something that gives you happiness everyday. Connect with people, write a blog post  find a good supportive system for yourself. When I moved to this city (Hyderabad, India), I didn't really know a soul, didn't have any friends and I missed mine in States. I had really bad days, so I finally decided enough is enough and I have to find a solution to it. I started my own group through meetup ( and found similar minded people who soon enough became friends. We go for outings together as a group, we have members from different walks of life and profession, we get to learn from each other,watch movies, share some laughter and even do a picnic. Stop waiting, coz no one’s coming to help you unless you want to help yourself.
  • Do it for you- not because everyone else is doing it. Only when you are ready, want to try or you know it’s time- go for it. One change, any change, a small change will do!
Ultimately be happy and help someone today, it will give you some happiness and peace.

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