Interview with Ron Rosenhead

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Here's the answer for those who saw the lateral thinking post!

So, today we have the honor to interview Ron Rosenhead, who is Managing Director of Project Agency. He first became interested in project management when involved in a major change management project. Since then he has run many project events and workshops, helped organisations develop their own project management system and spoken at conferences. 

How does your day usually look like?
There is no typical day for me which is why the job is so much fun. One day I am running an event for a client, another planning an event for a client. Maybe I am out selling or researching and writing blogs. I try and take time out from work as much as possible because all work and no play…

I travel a fair amount in the UK and I chose to use the train a lot. This gives me time for reading and relaxing.

No typical day, not even running events as each group is so different

What do you see as a major change in trend in project management for 2013?

  • I am writing a book on project sponsorship with Vicki James & Peter Taylor. I think this will be a big area in 2013 and not simply because of the book we are writing. I am getting more and more enquiries about this area.
  • Benefits management will grow in its importance. The need to be able to justify projects (especially with public money) is growing 
  • People skills/soft skills  - I started my life as a ‘soft skills ‘trainer and there has never been enough emphasis on the people side of project management. I see this as a growing area

3 qualities every aspiring project manager should have.

Wow, only 3? Difficult however here goes:

  • clearly the project manager should know about project management. Whether that is a qualification or experience I do not mind. The project manager needs to immerse themselves within project management and get to know as much a possible about it – in a practical (not theoretical) way 
  • people (soft) skills – projects are delivered by people. It is essential that the PM develops great people (soft) skills. Dealing with a difficult stakeholder can enhance the project if done well. Done badly can make the job really difficult
  • learn – you will make mistakes and learn from them. We have all made mistakes however the good PM will realize they can build on their knowledge and experience by being honest and sharing the mistakes with others and learning from them

Tell us a little more about Project Agency and what  training programs are conducted? Are there any training's for people stepping into project management?

A lot of our work focuses on those who are professionals and find themselves ‘involved with project management’ but have not had very much training. One of our courses: We have had over 14,000 people on our Perfect Project course. It is tied, tested and practical and is aimed at those who are new to project management.

Some of our courses are customized to meet client needs however I would judge around 80% are new to project management in some way or other.

We also work 1 to 1 with individuals, coaching and working with them to deliver projects.

Another area is to support the company by developing in-house project management approaches that really work. This involves some consultancy and then training however I am really aware of the needs of people who are new to project management

How can people reach you?
They can contact me by:

phone: +44 (0) 208 446 7766
Skype: ron.rosenhead1
web site:

Thank you Ron!

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