Why you should be part of the SIPM Community?

Feb 1, 2013 |
Over the years the blog has been there aimed to inspire others in their journey to project management. Writing for it and reading emails, tweets and your support has kept me going. The community has slowly grown, subscribing through RSS, emails and newsletters. Thank you so much for being part of it.

If you are new to the blog or have stumbled upon and want to know why you should be part of the SIPM community, read on...

  • Blog- I usually post twice a week with the latest happenings in the pm world, interviews with project managers, book reviews, sharing personal experience, inspiration and articles to keep you going. 
  • Community- A great resource that’s still free for all users, it’s a great platform for you to mingle and network amongst the project managers. You have the ability to connect with project management professionals from all over the world. Find your mentor, find internships and even follow them for a day. Best part- find them from all over the globe and you don’t have to convince them to mentor you. They already want to.
  • Newsletter- Once in a while I will send you newsletters with the insiders peek into the SIPM world, connect with you and give away info and prizes.
  • In your inbox- you can subscribe to the blog through email. That’s right, if you can’t remember blog URL’s or don’t have the time to keep coming back to it why not just subscribe through emails.
  • RSS feed- Don’t want an overcrowded inbox, try the RSS feed and get the stories your way.
  • No marketing- Don’t worry, your emails are never used for marketing or given away. I don’t even use it to email you (seriously), I will use it when I need to communicate with you only. Ask around and hear it for yourself.
  • E-books- yes there is the paid one and there are the free ones as well. The whole idea of creating the community was to encourage, provide information and create a platform for newbie’s joining the profession and you don’t have to carry wads of cash with you to learn.
  • Great downloads-Apart from the e-books, there are free downloads available once in a while, it can be a booklet to start blogging or templates to manage your life.
  • Facebook Page- The FB page is an initiative to bring in the platform to the more socially  active generation. Apart from sharing posts from the blog, I usually share quotes, good reads, project management giveaways, seminars etc. With 170 members, its growing everyday.
  • Twitter updates- It’s where I connect on a one on one basis, I tweet primarily about project management, share pics from my everyday life and chat up with you. 
If you have found yourself a mentor, been inspired through the blog, moved into project management  read my book or just want to say "hi" feel free to drop me an email.

While you are busy with your life and your soaring career, help someone out today because someone helped you too.

Note: SIPM= Stepping into Project Management :)

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To learn more about project management read my book Stepping into Project Management (Welcome to the #PMOT World). To connect with experienced Project Manager's from all over the world, get mentored or shadow for a day see the SIPM Community.