De-clutter your professional life

  • Tackle one problem at a time- Take one step every day. It’s much easier to handle one problem than trying solving it all. 
  • Believe in your talents- Stop doubting yourself by surrounding yourself with people who actually believe in you. Be positive, smile and laugh, watch comedies and get out get there and get it done. 
  • Stop defending yourself - This reminds me how worried I was one day at work because I was scheduled for a tough task which I didn't believe I could do well. I was a nervous wreck.While I walked up and down, my friend from the neighboring cubicle chipped in- "do you see yourself doing this particular task the rest of your life?" "No", I said. "What are you worrying for?  I realized he  just  gave me a million dollar solution. I calmed down and went about the task and as it turns out did pretty well. Sometimes the simplest solution is to stop defending yourself.
  • No gossips at work- Try to maintain a cordial relationship with everyone, being friendly doesn't mean gossiping away. Click here to find ways you can out an end to gossiping. Beware of the information that you share with others, it can backfire against you. Here's how you can turn gossips into something useful.
  • Maintain your professional self- Ethics is important at work. Being a professional will keep you in good faith and will be called upon for opinions, suggestions and sometimes bigger projects. 
  • Dress well - Clean lines, appropriate dress and the right blend of colors will get you the attention and be taken seriously as someone interested in climbing up the ladder.
  • Aim higher- Ever heard of having big hairy audacious goals? Keep one for each quarter and work on it. 
  • Celebrate your success – Enjoy your moment, however small with your friends, family and team.
  • Keep learning – Everyday should be a new chapter- make a new friend, help someone out, go out jogging, visit an art exhibition, earn a new skill.
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