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Jan 7, 2013 | |

If you have been reading papers you know that life in India has undergone a huge change with the rape of the Delhi girl and numerous others being reported every day.

It has involved everyone, students, politicians, non profits and religious guru’s all ready with their opinions.

From a society that condemns women from wearing skirts, being independent and asking in job interviews when she plans to have kids – it’s a brave move to come out and report the harassment's and rapes.

While the country is taken aback by the atrocity, harassment was always part of Indian culture . I remember as a teenager being horrified to board a public bus and my resolve to get a job as soon as I graduate was to buy my own car, so I don’t have to travel in public. And I don’t.

A society that is build on groping uncles and opportunists, where women are bound in rules, hope of secure life is a glimmer far away.

So, if you are a man or a woman- please help someone in distress, be there to listen and help create a safer society and workplace.

To end on a positive note, I am giving away for free the materials for 10 steps to become a project management blogger (no registrations required). It’s a compressed file that includes:
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(Pic Courtesy: clicked from Deccan Chronicle, Jan 7,2013. A mini skirt revolution. Camera: personal iphone)

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