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Free Giveaway

Jan 7, 2013 | | 0 comments |

If you have been reading papers you know that life in India has undergone a huge change with the rape of the Delhi girl and numerous others being reported every day.

It has involved everyone, students, politicians, non profits and religious guru’s all ready with their opinions.

From a society that condemns women from wearing skirts, being independent and asking in job interviews when she plans to have kids – it’s a brave move to come out and report the harassment's and rapes.

While the country is taken aback by the atrocity, harassment was always part of Indian culture . I remember as a teenager being horrified to board a public bus and my resolve to get a job as soon as I graduate was to buy my own car, so I don’t have to travel in public. And I don’t.

A society that is build on groping uncles and opportunists, where women are bound in rules, hope of secure life is a glimmer far away.

So, if you are a man or a woman- please help someone in distress, be there to listen and help create a safer society and workplace.

To end on a positive note, I am giving away for free the materials for 10 steps to become a project management blogger (no registrations required). It’s a compressed file that includes:
  • The PPT used during the webinar (no voice recordings)
  • A booklet (10 pages) that can be used to create your own blog along with relevant links.
Please click here to download your free copy.

(Pic Courtesy: clicked from Deccan Chronicle, Jan 7,2013. A mini skirt revolution. Camera: personal iphone)

To read more about project management and know how to get into the domain, read my book Stepping into Project Management (Welcome to the #PMOT World). To connect with experienced Project Manager's from all over the world, get mentored or shadow for a day see the SIPM Community

Cloning Not Allowed

Jun 21, 2011 | | 0 comments |
The way you think is always different from the way the person sitting next to you in the coffee shop. And that is precious!

Your individuality is what you bring to the table.

So, should you maintain it? Yes!

•Don’t clone yourself like the rest.
•Be present- of what you represent.
•Don’t make the world flat- initiate and lead when required. Become the Linchpin (Read Seth Godin’s book if you haven’t)
•Be comfortable in who are and the difference. Someone working with a global background will automatically work better in a multicultural work environment. It’s an advantage, don’t hide it- flaunt it.
•Trying to fit in always might not be for the best- let your individuality show. It brings the zing factor to your life!

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Face it, work it and let it go.

Jan 28, 2011 | | 0 comments |
I would love to live with 100 things.
My goal for this year is still on and I have put behind my anger, discomfort, rage, irritation and bad habits to nourish the goodness in me with the hope that with the riddance of all bad, the energy will be positive which can only help me grow on a personal and professional level.

I have realised that happiness is an essential factor at work, specially if you would like to climb the ladders. No one can put hours at work unless you really enjoy the work and the team you work with. And happiness doesnt knock on your door really, you create the path to make sure it does knock loud and clear!

My personal list is more compact and organized and include simple pleasures like having my morning cup of tea in the balcony or medidating everyday. I try to forgive my past and people who have wronged me than hold on to grudges.

I am working on getting rid off the hindrances that I had created for myself over the years.

"The opposite of fear is confidence. If you don't feel confident, can you name exactly what you are afraid of?"-@LLBrandenburg

Isnt this so true?

The end of January marks the end of the initiation for this new yea;r however its never late to dig up your own fear to face them and move forward.

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Women- this new year

Jan 6, 2011 | | 0 comments |
This New Year came in like a gush of strong winds from nowhere.

I’ve been travelling in India for weddings etc and if you haven’t noticed I am trying to re-arrange my life and focus on things I like to do than those that I have to do.

This year is about observing and putting them in words, so if you are someone from somewhere who can relate to it, you know you are not alone in the journey/fight.

There’s so much happening these days in India related to the economy, jobs and growth factor and yet there are scenarios where people fight for silly reasons and dowry (a sum demanded by the groom’s family during marriage) and the culture remains prevalent.

You cannot point at India and say- this is what the country is because it’s not! It’s a range of people from progressive thinkers, to idea makers to traditional people who swear by the tradition that women have to do certain things irrespective of their job, talent or the money they make. They are restricted, instructed and considered a bad mother and wife if failed to stick to them.

Women become household glues that are bound to hold on to the family even when the rest have strayed away. Their talents undermined; their jobs ridiculous and openly discussed by some mother-in-laws how they don’t need daughter-in-laws who work because “my son makes enough”.

On the other hand, you will find bikini clad female professionals roaming around in the beach and looking for the next Europe vacation or BMW to buy.

The problems are here to stay unless women stop obstructing other women. In most cases it’s not men who don’t consider women equal, it’s the women who think women should be lesser than men- lesser qualifications, lesser salary and lesser in quality.

This year hopefully we can all create some differences, be aware of where we are and help someone get to the door- so they can see the world the way it is!

Happy 2011 to you all!

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Happy Thanksgiving to my team!

Nov 26, 2010 | | 1 comments |
Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

This year, I’m thankful to so many of you, specially my readers for the site and the blog!

This post is dedicated to my friends -the dynamic designer, the chic developer  and few others who helped me with my site, listened for hours about the ideas, brainstormed together and made it happen. They are the best!
So, thank you dear friends….happy thanksgiving!

I’ll be off for the next few weeks and will be back in December! Stay warm and stay happy J

Human Connection

Nov 22, 2010 | | 1 comments |
The last few days has taught me a lot.

I have visited more stores in the last few days than I have in the last 5 years. In doing so, I have talked to lots of people, researched things on the internet I wanted to buy and here’s the lesson- nothing beats human connection.
No matter what you do and who you are- the most powerful tool is human connection. It makes you turn back and take decisions you otherwise wouldn’t have perhaps.

If it’s your client, your team members or the newbie joining your team, make sure your gift of connection is never lost in the business.

This holiday season, thank someone, smile and help another being. It is being human and its priceless.

Steppingintopm is back

Jun 1, 2009 | | 0 comments |

I’m back and thank you for visiting my blog!

If you have noticed, my blog has a registered domain name now- . Hurray! I wanted to celebrate my one year of blogging (June 13) so after much deliberation I got myself a domain. Of course with the new domain, my hard earned page rank of 3 went poof.

Nope, I didn’t take a vacation from work; I was here all the time working and reading blogs, sites and New York Times like always. I did spend some time with my family, enjoyed with my sister who visited for 10 days from London, watched movies, went shopping and finally have my new schedule working for me. Yes, I am exercising every morning. It was about time!

The break seemed great and I spent as much as possible offline trying out new ideas, going for walks and enjoying the rain.

Here are some links you can visit, while I get ready with my regular posts:

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Five things I want to do before I am 35

Mar 29, 2009 | | 2 comments |

Two drafts later, I realise I'm more of a spontaneous writer than the well planned and thought out one, so here's my plan for the future:

  • Be a project manager
  • Write a book (on how to step into project management and overcome your obstacles on the way)
  • Start my organization
  • Maintain being 5, ok 8 pounds lighter (against current weight)
  • Buy my house
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Steps to become a project manager

I'm listening to the PM Podcast and found the perfect one to write about here- How can I become a Project Manager?

The interview is with Thomas Cutting and gives junior project managers and the ones that wants to get into the profession amazing guidelines. You will want to listen to the podcast really, lots of information that you can implement and take a step forward in your career and find the right role. 

The podcast talks about how important it is to be involved in a project in just about any role to know what you are getting into. Joining in junior positions might be a good way to get your foot in the door. I started out as a management intern, then moved to become a project co-ordinator, a business analyst and gained experience in quality assurance and the core communication team. 

So, now that you are ready, how do you get you first project management role? 
  • Get certified- essential. I'm working for mine.
  • Network- lots of social websites these days; from linkedin to the latest social networking site for project managers like with me here)
  • Plan, position and perform- I think its very hard to take the first step in the dark and you have to. It is as important to not loose the focus while you are trapped in the job and this is one of the points discussed in the podcast.
  • Communication- this what a project management role is about, so keep practising.
  • Integrity- your character plays a role. So if you have a strong presence in the social media, please make sure that you are strongly aware of what you are publishing.
Learn more, develop your skills and ask your seniors

Interview with PM Karma

PM Karma has caught the attention of many; the blog is as successful as the blogger himself. I fortunately had the chance of talking to Sreejith the blogger (over the web), and listen about his strategies. His strategies and experience can help many more I thought and wanted an interview with him which he graciously agreed to.  

Steppingintopm: What would you consider as the secret of your success as a project manager?

Sreejith (PM Karma): From my experience the key deciding factor of success in a field like project management is the 'quality' of relationship between the people with whom you interact during the project life cycle. I have never been dominating, bullying or aggressive in my career. I treat my subordinates and other functional people as 'Team Members'. The real attitude and quality of a person is revealed when he/she has the opportunity to be bad with some one and still he/she doesn’t do that! 

Being good with your subordinates will help you to get the best out of them. I always watch and eliminate any signs of internal politics. There is a great chance that skilled and creative young people get bullied by rather old people in organizations. This is some thing to be watched and plucked out immediately as soon as identified. People shall be promoted and given with new responsibilities based on skill & performance rather than mere 'years of experience'. When a project manager does that, a wave of confidence will blow across the team since the team members get a feeling that their skill and hard work will be rewarded. 

Project management, especially in construction industries has got lots of interfaces. The team usually used to be big of volume ten thousands. Unlike software projects, the team members need not be well educated or highly skilled. How ever delegating work packs, getting progress and performance feedback and implementing corrective actions need lots of communication and team work. 

Being good and loved by most is the best kept secret of my success as a manager in project controls. Creativity, use of technology, reading and learning comes right behind that, though! 

Steppingintopm: Do you think blogging helps boost your career?

Sreejith (PM Karma): Yes, definitely. Blogging has helped me to get connected with lots of people. The range and skills of people ranges from PMI board members to beginners/students of project management. Blogging also got a lot of appreciation from people around the globe. While looking at the 'Google Analytics' dashboard for my blog, I now understand PM Karma has earned readership far beyond my expectation. Readership has covered all the continents and the count is very good. 

I have now started collaborating with other PM Bloggers and the result is quite promising. People are approaching with specific queries regarding tools and techniques detailed in my articles. I started reviewing PM software also in my blog. 

I have few readers to my blog within my company and they quite appreciate that. Getting to be known as a 'Subject Matter Expert' is a very good feeling and I am enjoying that! 

Steppingintopm: Do you have any set of rules you try to stick to and would like to share for project managers who are starting out?

Sreejith (PM Karma): Yes. At some point in my life I have formulated 'The 3 Rules of Life' which I am trying to adhere to: 

At first look they may look like 'losers rules' but trust me; they have helped me in personal and career fronts. I started getting more friends since I started following these rules. I felt like I am more loved (than before) by people around me. Okay right to the '3 Rules of Life’: 

Rule-01: There are no sharp corners in life

This rule is not against perfectionism. It just says 'Perfect doesn't exist’! There are only good and better. Good can be made better and when we make 'better' further better, the old 'better' becomes ‘good’! So just be nice with people even when things are not really up to your expectations. Advice and find ways out to make 'good' better. 

Rule-02: Do for others what you want them to do for you

All the faces we see every day are filled with complaints and they say to me "What about my concerns?" 

Yes, we all need to get some thing done from others. We all need people to be the way we wanted them to be. We all have opinions how others should be.

But how often we thought how we are with others? How we have helped or how we will be helping them when they need the same help which you are anticipating from them. So when ever our mind complains us about some one who has not done the thing which you have expected from them, just imagine yourself in their position and thing whether you will help them in similar situations.

No one wanted to get treated badly by others, so how can we be bad with others?

So just start doing things to others, the same way in which you want them to be with you!

You will not be surprised if they behave badly with you, if you were nasty with them in the past...because you wanted them to be bad with you since you have used my rule!! 

Rule-03: Before you freeze an opinion about some one else, just take a moment, get into their shoe, think and visualize the situation from their view point. You may change your opinion.

It is very easy to frame an opinion about some one based on our view point. But try to create a critic within your mind who debates conflicts. I have been successful in bring up a critic within my mind. 

There are 3 personalities with in my mind now.

1) The Emotional Guy

2) The Critic

3) The logic 

When ever I get angry with some one over an issue, the critic takes the emotional guy to the other person's view point and debates me about his stand.

The emotional guy is not very easy to convince. He has record of all the previous deals and bad words from the other person. He will take them all out. But the critic will place all his cards on the table and keep debating. 

Now 'Logic' is the referee, he watches all the debates and quantitatively and qualitatively analyses the stands and come up with the final verdict. 

I know this may sound quite weird to many people, but I have succeeded to certain extent to implement this setup with in my mind. This evaluation has helped me to change opinion about many people during many occasions when I felt their words or deeds are bad.

Steppingintopm: Thank you Sreejith.

(Picture: Sreejith from PM Karma) 

Does twittering help you focus?

Just when you thought, what am I doing and where is my life going, I read this wonderfully inspirational article about the Twitter CEO

I am a great fan of Twitter, so much so that my newly brushed up resume has it as my contact along with the email. Most of my friends, bloggers and relevant people in my life are on Twitter and I think it keeps you really updated with the latest happenings. 

I'm always moved by stories because somewhere down the line it makes me feel that my dream of "I have  so much more to do" can come true. Honestly, reading this article has made a lot of difference. The journey from a farm in Nebraska to running Twitter must have been exciting and what an amazing journey.

I 'm always curious to know how people push for their next move, how they beleive in themselves, how they can do so much- what inspires them? I've been through my highs and lows and there have been times when I have sat down and wrote in a piece of paper as many times as possible that " I want to do xyz" or whatever the thought was. It does help, more you think about it and write it down and see yourself writing it; it helps you to move forward psychologically. The rest is easy. From the extremely introverted shy girl who wouldn't go into a store when there were people around to the individual who got acknowledged in school for being a leader, team player and outspoken- it honestly was a long way. 

The story goes on, may be the rest of it for another time in this blog. 

So, if you thought, your dream is too big or really not for you- think again, how hard have you tried? Or how much do you really want it to happen? 

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How to get a mentor?

I happened to read this article 5 minutes ago and Tweeting about it wasn't satisfying enough, because this is something I really wanted to save for myself and share it with you.

Mentors have always been an important part of my life, some have helped me see my potential or help me look within, others have helped me manage my problems better. 

Anyways, back to my original point, if you want to have a mentor and a really famous, influential, successful and popular mentor, here is how you should pitch.

Point taken.

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Treasure Bag for February

Here's the treasure bag for February and yes I am posting it a day late, sorry about that.

Keeping in mind the job market these days, I thought these articles can bring out the best in each one of us. Inspiring and essential, this is what the experts are saying.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Here's the special offer, still valid- you can actually get a £50.00 off training on any Prince 2 courses that you take up at the-PSO.

Here's what you have to do, so pay some attention now. Email to 
julia.carton with the subject line as "Voucher Id- PSO 1189/03- stepping into project management". Please mention your full name, email address and contact number. Only 1 winner  gets the discount. So, if you are interested for you or your loved ones please email within March 15. The lucky winner will be announced here. The voucher is valid till 12 June, 2009.

Thank you readers

Feb 28, 2009 | | 0 comments |

I'm running a little behing schedule. I tend to feel or rather be lazy during the weekend and  my work list builds till I decide I need to step it up.

So, there's a lot of new things coming up on this space very soon, couple of cool interviews and a PM tool review- as seen by the newbie!

Thanks for reading.

(Pic: Me and Kate, the PR Manager for the APM Group at the BPUG Congress)

Meeting Elizabeth Harrin

Feb 12, 2009 | | 2 comments |
Finally I get to meet Elizabeth Harrin today at the BPUG International Congress. It was wonderful and overwhelming (as you may figure out from my clumsy expression in the picture).

Elizabeth's talk on how web 2. 0 tools can be integrated with Project Mangement was fascinating and to find her so down to earth was the best part ever.

More on the 2 day's seminar coming up soon.

(Picture: Elizabeth Harrin and me in Lancaster Hotel for the BPUG International Congress and me in Hyde Park, doing what all first time visitors do- sight seeing)

Check List for the Holidays

Dec 21, 2008 | | 0 comments |
It’s Holiday season and if you have some time to spare here are a 5 things you should concentrate on right away. 

  • Read - It’s time to do some extra reading, learn as much as you can.
  • Overcome Obstacles- If you know something you should overcome, start prepping for it. If you want to be a better speaker, try picking up a subject and work on it. Ask your friends to hear you out and take their feedback seriously.  
  • Work Out- It’s important to be healthy, make sure you are making the right choices when eating out or indulging in the holiday treats. Simply schedule an exercise routine you can maintain. You will have more energy and determination than before.
  • Make New Friends- We all know it when we have struck the right note. It’s important to find friends who have similar goals, going through the same struggle or people whom you admire- it just makes it easier to bond and connect. A good supportive circle of friends can get you through anything and help you reach your goal. If you have wanted to thank your team, friends, family or mentor- it’s not late. Do it today, send an email or a e-card or just call them up.
  • Enjoy- This holiday season, help out someone else in fulfilling their dreams and hope. I’m sure all of us have been inspired or helped by some one else at some point, make this Holiday Season a time to reach out to others.
Happy Holidays everyone!

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Projects and code

Nov 20, 2008 | | 0 comments |
I have another interesting read at hand and if you like to read- this just might interest you . Its a free download of the book "Beyond Code" from Rajesh Setty's blog.

I haven't finished reading it yet but promise to write a review once am done with it.

So, bookwormy....
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Guest Blogger at pmstudent

Oct 23, 2008 | | 0 comments |
gThe other day I received an email from Josh Nankivel from pmstudent to become a guest blogger.

I love writing blogs, however to cope with 3-4 posting a week is not very easy. I try to be consistent. So, when Josh emailed me I wasn't really sure if I can pull off a few more for his blog. I was thrilled to get his invitation nevertheless! Who wouldnt.

Since he was so nice about it, I accepted it happily. He just made it sound so easy. So, I could write a new posting for him or simply post any article from my blog . Thats being super nice!

So, I posted my first article and you can read it here. Its an article from my blog, however I intend to post a new one every month along with an existing article on pmstudent.

So, till then happy blogging!

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