Five things I want to do before I am 35

Mar 29, 2009 | |

Two drafts later, I realise I'm more of a spontaneous writer than the well planned and thought out one, so here's my plan for the future:

  • Be a project manager
  • Write a book (on how to step into project management and overcome your obstacles on the way)
  • Start my organization
  • Maintain being 5, ok 8 pounds lighter (against current weight)
  • Buy my house
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Sreejith said...

I think your goals are quite achievable very well before that. (You have'nt said I'SoMA - I wanna be ObaMA.. )
Losing 8 ponds may be a hard target since the general trend is people gain weight as they grew older !
Buying a house - > This is the right time...recession is cheaper!

SIPM said...

Thanks Sreejith.